The Truth About Adolf Hitler: Part 2

Adolf Jacob Hitler was one of the most infamous – and evil – men in history.  The leader of the Nazi Party, he took power as Chancellor (Prime Minister) of Germany in 1933, and as head of state or “Führer” the next year.  He ruled until 1945, when his mistress-turned-wife and himself apparently committed suicide.  He ruled Germany with an iron fist, and notoriously carried out the Holocaust, the mass, inhumane slaughter of the Jewish people.  His concentration camps killed some 6 million Jews and 5 million non-Jews.  He started World War II through his invasion of Poland.  Most of the nations of the world – led by the United Kingdom, France and the United States – rose up and went to war with him.  The war he started killed some additional 50-85 million innocent people.  He has rightly become the universal analogy for pure evil.

adolph hitler Adolf Hitler

In my post The Truth About Adolf Hitler, Part 1 I detailed Hitler’s Vatican connections – how he cooperated with and was almost certainly bossed by the Pope.  In this article, I will detail his BRITISH connections – and how World War II was one big false flag.  Hard to believe, you say?  Well, just keep reading.

Emily Windsor-Cragg, herself the illegitimate daughter of Britain’s short-reigned King Edward VIII, claims to have found documents in the “Windsor Library in the Royal diary archives” which indicate that Hitler was the illegitimate son of her grandfather, King George V, and therefore the half-brother of Edward VIII and George VI, and the half-uncle of Queen Elizabeth II!  This claim may seem far-fetched, but there is actually a bit of circumstantial evidence to support it.  And this evidence is entirely independent of Ms Windsor-Cragg – I don’t know if she even knows about it!

Emily Elizabeth Windsor-CraggEmily Windsor-Cragg

 Adolf’s stepfather, Alois Hitler, was a customs official.  He had married as his third wife Klara Polzl.  Their first three children died – within a year of their birth.  Then Klara Hitler becomes pregnant for a fourth time in 1888.  This child was Adolf.  He was the only child of Klara’s so far to survive.  (He had a younger brother, Edmund, who died at 6; and a sister, Paula, who lived to 64.)  After Adolf’s birth, Alois suddenly had no more money troubles ever again – obviously a reward (or a bribe!) for keeping his mouth shut AND raising the future King’s son.

Another curiosity about Hitler’s birth was the date of his conception.  He was born about 9 months after Tisha B’Av, the anniversary of the destruction of the Jewish Temple in 68 AD (most accounts read 70 AD, but evidence suggests it was actually 68).  While this day is the saddest on the Jewish calendar, it is CELEBRATED in occultic/elite circles with FEASTING and SEX!  They are celebrating the destruction of the Jewish nation.  Did then-Prince George, Duke of York, have sex with Mrs Hitler during the festivities?  And what would the Hitlers have to do with that?  Well, Alois Hitler was illegitimate, his biological father not recorded.  However, it was rumoured during Adolf’s lifetime that his father was the illegitimate son of a “Baron Rothschild” whose household Alois’ mother, Maria Schicklgruber, had worked for.  It was rumoured she quit the job after becoming pregnant with the master’s child.  This “Baron Rothschild” is believed by some to have been Salomon Mayer von Rothschild (1774-1855), a member of the elite and occultic Rothschild banking dynasty.  Not only did that alone qualify the Hitlers (er, Rothschilds) as secret members of the elite and likely the occult, but Salomon’s brother, Nathan Mayer Rothschild (1777-1836) is believed by some to have been the biological father of Queen Victoria!  Evidence that she was illegitimate, in addition to her strong resemblance to Nathan Mayer, strongly supports this hypothesis.  Others suggest that Nathan Rothschild was himself Alois’ father.  In other words, Prince George was merely sleeping with one of the in-laws!  Literally a member of the family.  Further evidence of Alois’ parentage comes from DNA tests on his relatives, which seems to suggest he may have been Jewish.  The Rothschilds were Jewish!

(George V was himself the illegitimate son of Czar Alexander III of Russia.  He was conceived during his parents’ visit to the future Czar’s brother Nicholas when Nicholas became engaged to the sister of George’s mother Alexandra.  George bore a shocking resemblance to Alexander III and to his eldest son, the fateful Czar Nicholas II.  Others speculate that Alexander’s brother Nicholas was the father.  Either way, Hitler’s immediate ancestry, in short, was a combination of German, Russian, Danish and English – and numerous other nationalities thanks to his kingly father.)

Why didn’t Britain’s king save deposed Russian cousin after revolution?George V and Nicholas II

There was actually a rabbi who swore under oath that he had heard that Hitler was conceived in the occultic festivities of Tisha B’Av, although he thought the father was a rabbi.  Instead, the father appears to have been the future King of the United Kingdom and the British Dominions and Emperor of India.  

Another curious coincidence is Hitler’s stay in England – I think around 1912.  While Hitler himself didn’t make a secret of it, and despite being verified by the testimony of Hitler’s sister-in-law (whom he stayed with), almost every historian has for some reason completely covered up this fact – no mention in most sources whatsoever!  His sister-in-law (whose name I’ve forgotten; she was actually his stepsister-in-law) stated that he showed up at the house tired, with documents he would privately read.  She apparently didn’t know what they were.  Greg Hallett (who generally does an excellent job exposing the Royal Family’s true lineage, although he doesn’t know about Hitler’s parentage) believes this was his training for his mission to become German leader and start World War II (which was in the planning before World War I started – as evidenced by the end of WWI, at which the Allies deliberately imposed just the right conditions to allow Hitler to rise).

Another curious thing about Hitler’s stay in England is the education he seems to have got there.  Hans Severus Ziegler, a fluent speaker of English and personal friend of Hitler for more than 20 years, wrote of him, “One would not expect a student of English, even after several terms at university, to have as good a knowledge of the language as Hitler.”[1] [Note about the site I just linked: I DO NOT endorse most of its positions, although I occasionally make use of the occasional facts one finds on there.]  Hitler also remarked in private that Mussolini’s Italian was better than his own German![1]

If Hitler really was the son of King George V, then so many things suddenly make sense.  Why Edward VIII may have been a Nazi, Hitler actually being his brother.  Why then-Princess Elizabeth (the current Queen) actually called Hitler “Uncle” as a child – because he literally was her uncle!  Why King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon were so confident about staying in London during the Blitz, and why not one German bomb ever came near Buckingham Palace – Hitler was his brother!  Why the Queen Elizabeth II’s mother, the Queen Mother (then Duchess of York) was taped doing Nazi salutes with her daughters (Elizabeth and Margaret) and her brother-in-law Edward in 1933 (that was quite a scandal in 2015).  It all adds up.

Another thing I found after writing all of the above: some have suggested that Hitler’s biological mother was in fact George’s first cousin Marie of Edinburgh (later Queen Marie of Romania).  I already knew about this claim, but had dismissed it.  I have just now been convinced to change my mind on this.   I can find no evidence that the future George V was ever in Germany in 1888 – at least not in August or the previous or next few months.  Instead, George was at this time – including specifically at his son Adolf Hitler’s conception – stationed in Malta on board the HMS Alexandra, commanded by his uncle, Prince Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh (later Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha).  Alfred was there with his wife Grand Duchess Maria Alexandrovna of Russia (daughter of Czar Alexander II) and his children – including his daughter Marie (later Queen of Romania by marriage).  It is a well known fact that George and Marie were having an affair at this time and were in love with each other.  They actually wanted to marry each other – while most of their familes (including Queen Victoria) supported the marriage, their mothers – who resented each other – did not approve, and as a result Marie would later refuse George when he proposed to her.  Was Marie Hitler’s mother?  I think so.  As stated above, George was nowhere near Klara Hitler that I can see at the necessary time – while he was VERY close – in more than one sense of the word – to his cousin lover Marie.  And the secretive no-barriers sex orgy they would have no doubt participated in would have provided the perfect opportunity to consummate their relationship – if they hadn’t already!  Marie, curiously enough, left Malta in 1889 – shortly after her secret son’s birth.  Thus, it would appear that Alois and Klara Hitler were the ADOPTED parents of Adolf, and their pay was for raising their cousin’s inconvenient child.  And Marie being Hitler’s mother would explain where he got his jet-black hair (something lacking in George, Alois and Klara).  And, for the record, Marie is known to have been very promiscuous and to have taken part in orgies.

Queen Mary of Romania 2.jpgMarie of Romania
Some people allege ( that Marie had secretly married George, thus making Hitler the rightful King after George.  However, I have yet to find evidence of that (thank goodness!).

There is more, but it is best saved for a later article.  I think this one’s long enough as it is.




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