The disappearance of Tommy Robinson: What his arrest tells us about UK’s slide toward totalitarianism

I have read many excellent articles over the last couple of days about the grave state of freedom in the United Kingdom in the wake of the arrest of British patriot Tommy Robinson and have decided to run a couple of my favorites. We start with an article by Edward Cline explaining how the UK has clearly decided to throw out its own historic commitment to equal justice under the rule of law, and in doing so has crossed the threshold from a once-great democracy to an Orwellian police state whose leaders bow to Islam at every turn. Keep in mind that Britain first relinquished its Christian heritage before it embraced Islam.

tommy robinson screenshot Tommy Robinson is arrested outside a courthouse in Leeds on May 25.

Magna Carta In the Dustbin


Prime Minister Theresa May has said “phooey” on the Magna Carta and British liberties and ordered…

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