More World War II Frauds (Or, The Truth About Adolf Hitler Part 3)

Adolf Jacob Hitler was one of the most infamous – and evil – men in history. The leader of the Nazi Party, he took power as Chancellor (Prime Minister) of Germany in 1933, and as head of state or “Führer” the next year. He ruled until 1945, when his mistress-turned-wife and himself apparently committed suicide. He ruled Germany with an iron fist, and notoriously carried out the Holocaust, the mass, inhumane slaughter of the Jewish people. His concentration camps killed some 6 million Jews and 5 million non-Jews. He started World War II through his invasion of Poland. Most of the nations of the world – led by the United Kingdom, France and the United States – rose up and went to war with him. The war he started killed some additional 50-85 million innocent people. He has rightly become the universal analogy for pure evil.

adolf-hitler-9340144-1-402Adolf Hitler

In The Truth About Adolf Hitler, Part 1 I established that Hitler worked for (or at least with) the Vatican, and in Part 2 I made clear that he was the illegitimate son of King George V of England and worked for Britain – making WWII one ginormous false flag.  Today, I will expose more truths about Hitler and World War II – which inadvertently confirm his secret British and Vatican loyalties.  And some others’ loyalties.


Joseph Stalin (1878-1953) ruled as dictator of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) (commonly known as the Soviet Union) from the mid-1920s until his death.  He ruled during World War II, siding first with the Nazis and then the Allies.stalinDM2109_468x551Joseph Stalin

But was Stalin the illegitimate son of a Rothschild banker?  (Remember: Queen Victoria was the illegitimate daughter of Nathan Mayer Rothschild, and her half-brother Lionel Nathan de Rothschild fathered her children.  Alois Hitler was the illegitimate son of Nathan Rothschild – and therefore Victoria’s half-brother – or his brother Salomon Mayer Rothschild – and therefore Victoria’s first cousin.)

Maurice+EphrussiMaurice Ephrussi

The following article explains in depth:

                                             Rothschild banker,Maurice Ephrussi.

Baron Alphonse James de Rothschild

 had an agent whom he favored above the rest. His name was Maurice Ephrussi and he represented the French Rothschilds in the oil-rich Caucasus.

Maurice Ephrussi (Nov. 18, 1849 – Oct. 29, 1916) was a Ukrainian-born French Jewish banker. His father had made a vast fortune exporting the wheat of the Ukraine to Europe.

The Rothschild’s were the Tsar’s official banker. The Ephrussi’s were the Rothschild’s agent to the Tsar. 

It was Maurice Ephrussi who first proposed the Russian oil business to Alphonse de Rothschild.

Ephrussi thoroughly understood the Russian oil industry. He just knew that with the Nobel brother’s dynamite blasting through the Caucasus Mountains; Rothschild-financed railroads could carry Russia’s oil to the world if Russia could get their hands on a suitable port on the Black Sea.

(left,Maurice Ephrussi, short like his son)

Maurice Ephrussi’s pitch was not lost on Alphonse de Rothschild. 

Alphonse de Rothschild must have envisioned his family’s newly acquired oil refineries humming with an endless supply of cheap Russian oil. The wealth that would result in the venture would be incalculable. Maurice married Baron Alphonse de Rothschild’s youngest daughter, Beatrice, on June 5, 1883.


At the time of Stalin’s conception (Feb. 1878), his mother, Ketevan “Keke” Jughashvili neé Geladze (February 5, 1858 – June 4, 1937), was a beautiful 20-year-old woman. She worked as a laundress for a Jewish wine merchant in the Georgian city of Gori.

Ephrussi would have no reason to stop in Gori to visit a wine merchant unless he wanted to pick up a few cases of champagne.

Ephrussi, though only 28-years-old in March of 1878 was no errand boy. He was a prince of European high-finance.

But wasn’t Keke married? Could she have engaged in sex with the young banker? 

Consider the following quotes:
 from Simon Sebag Montefiore’s “Young Stalin”

”As for Keke herself, it has always been hard to match the pious old lady in her black nunnish headdress of the 1930s with the irrepressible young woman of the 1880s. Her piety is not in doubt, but religious observance has never ruled out sins of the flesh. She certainly took pride in being “the desired and beautiful girl” and there is evidence that she was much more worldly than she appeared. 

“As an old lady, Keke, supposedly encouraged Nina Beria, wife of Stalin’s Caucasian viceroy and later secret police chief, Lavrenti Beria, to take lovers and talked very spicily about sexual matters: “When I was young, I cleaned house for people and when I met a good-looking boy, I didn’t waste the opportunity.” (pp.27-28) 

Keke’s husband Beso referred to Stalin (Beso) as “Keke’s little bastard”:

”When Soso hid, Beso searched the house screaming, “Where is Keke’s little bastard? Hiding under the bed? Keke fought back. Once, Soso arrived at Davrichewy’s house with his face covered in blood, crying: “Help! Come quickly! He’s killing my mother!” The officer ran round to the Djugashvilis to find Beso strangling Keke.”

As a young man Stalin worked at the Rothschild refinery in the storehouse, and ran the union. Montefiore writes:

“The Rothschild managing director, David Landau, regularly contributed to Bolshevik funds, as recorded by the Okhrana — whose agents noted how, when Stalin was running the Baku Party, a Bolshevik clerk in one of the oil companies “was not active in operations but concentrated on collecting donations and got money from Landau of the Rothschilds.” It is likely that Landau met Stalin personally. Another Rothschild executive, Dr. Felix Somary, a banker with the Austrian branch of the family and later a distinguished academic, claims he went to Baku to settle a strike. He paid Stalin the money. The strike ended.”

Stalin financed Bolshevik activities and presumable his money came from the Rothschilds.


1. Ephrussi was the Rothschild pointman in the Caucasus.

2. It would have been him to deal with the Grand Duke in Tiflis.

3. Keke also worked at the Grand Duke’s Palace. She had plausible reason to be in the palace at the estimated time of Stalin’s conception.

4. Stalin is the spitting image of Ephrussi.

5. Strong family resemblance to a close-up photo of Maurice’s half-brother.

6. Stalin claimed to be the son of a priest. Judging from their family tree, the Ephrussi’s had married Levensohns and Kaans. The Ephrussis were probably Kohanim (priest class).

Did Maurice Ephrussi, the son-in-law of Baron Alphonse de Rothschild father Stalin in March of 1878?

Have we finally solved the 132-year old mystery surrounding Stalin’s birth? 

For more in-depth info:

220px-Baron_Ignaz_von_Ephrussi_1871Ignaz Ephrussi, Maurice’s half-brother, Stalin’s half-uncle

Okay, so Stalin was the son of a Rothschild banker, and STEPSON of a Rothschild (whom his biological father married).  And his stepmother was a cousin to Queen Victoria (who was the biological great-grandmother of Adolf Hitler).

22 thoughts on “More World War II Frauds (Or, The Truth About Adolf Hitler Part 3)

  1. They are so interconnected it is becoming confusing! So, Philippe Loret is Barack Obama’s first cousin and Hillary’s nephew and also closely related to the british royal family! Shivers.

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  2. Forgot to mention: the claim that Ian Fleming rescued Hitler was made by Greg Hallett in his book “Hitler was A British Agent”, which he wrote together with a British spymaster! So I think it holds some water.

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  3. Very interesting and entertaining. I must say though that resemblance is often subjective unless it’s uncanny. I’ve read about the Rothchilds before, the Vatican is undoubtedly corrupt and the entire European, Asian and Russian regions are notorious for their level of inbreeding and family marriages to maintain their wealth and power. I will say, that this is the most interconnected theory I’ve ever read though.

    Wouldn’t that be something if the Clintons and Obama were interconnected as well to not only Hitler, but Stalin and the Vatican. My only open criticism of this is that it would be rather convenient if all of this is true (it would be nice to find a connection between all the evils of the world).

    It is interesting and most books concerning the Rothchild’s and the Vatican are often discarded as mere conspiracy. Even then, the Vatican has had its hand in all of the worlds powers since it’s inception, so it would make sense without further research that the relationships that would bear children would only continue this. Then again research is dependent on what was accessible and what wasn’t (the Vatican catacombs and their libraries).

    It is interesting though what is taught in school and what actually took place. Nixon is known for watergate, undoubtedly Trump will be known for the border or whatever else they can make up to slander his presidency.

    Awesome work, I had to re-read to make sure I wasn’t lost. Game of thrones perhaps and bastards. I wonder how far back the Royal family in Britain goes back, undoubtedly to the Roman Empire at least. It is interesting who rises to power and who remains in power. J. Edgar Hoover reportedly recorded everything and they say that’s how he remained in power for so long. His idea of a law enforcement agency that kept all records and recorded everything is how the FBI became so powerful. The Vatican has recorded everything. All three keep their records secret, the same can be said for every law enforcement agency and intelligence agency in the world today.

    Perhaps it’s true and perhaps it is not, but I think to blanket label it true or false would be lazy. Parts could be and could not be, nonetheless, truth has been said to be stranger than fiction.
    Great work.

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  4. No, as far as I can tell. It lists it as approved. (Once someone’s first comment is approved, all subsequent ones are automatically. Since you’ve already commented, I don’t need to approve it. I checked, just to be sure.

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