It Is Coming To Pass!

Interesting word.

Pure Glory

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

Keep preparing! Get ready! It’s coming sooner than you think! God is changing things. Everything is changing now. For the Father is changing everything for your Good!

What you thought would never, and could never change, is changing now, by the Spirit of the Lord. The days of great change are upon us! The blessing of the Lord is arising, it’s rising up! Therefore, move now, and I will move on it with Great favor, great blessing, and great promise!

Businesses, businesses your businesses will flourish. says the Lord. Just honor me with what you have. Honor me withal you have. Walk in faith and expectancy of Me. Although it has seemingly been a long time, I have been growing you, maturing you, and teaching you that I AM THE LORD YOUR GOD—IN CHARGE!

And it came to pass in process of time, that the king…

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