Where Does Mental Suffering Come From ?

An in-depth look at mental suffering. Remember: God/Yehovah is the solution to every problem!


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accessory balance blur close up Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I’m not talking about mental illness which is a serious medical diagnosis and I’m not entitled to do so. I want to talk about the mental discomfort we can experience in life sometimes.

Apparently, happiness depends on several components among which, socioeconomic environment, the people who surround us, and a large part of genetics. Some people seem to be able to be happy while some others give the impression that their life is Always a battle. Hard times, accidents, bad news, they are Always for them. On the first glance, we have the feeling that there is Nothing we can do, that we are determined to be a certain way or the other. Is that sure ?

I invite you to go through a few ideas that I’ve gathered here and there in my readings, my experience of life (mine and…

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