The Royal Offspring

This is my 7th post on the British Royal Family (8th if you count History's Forgotten Monarchs).  The previous ones are: The Truth About Adolf Hitler, Part 1 The Truth About Adolf Hitler: Part 2 Queen Victoria's Parentage More World War II Frauds (Or, The Truth About Adolf Hitler Part 3) Introducing Michael LaVaughn Robinson; … Continue reading The Royal Offspring


Federal judge strikes down U.S. ban on female genital mutilation


jumana-nagarwala-md Dr. Jumana Nagarwala was charged in Detroit in April 2017 with mutilating the genitalia of young girls.

It is now OK in America for parents to deliver their daughters up to hack “doctors” and nurses who will mutilate their genitals and call it a religious ritual, thanks to a federal judge in Detroit.

U.S. District Judge Bernard Friedman on Tuesday dismissed female genital mutilation charges against several doctors in the first criminal case of its kind nationwide, ruling the law is unconstitutional, the Detroit News reported.

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Restored English Translation of Genesis: Chapter 24

G'day everyone (and a welcome to my new followers)!  Today I present my Restored English Translation (RET) of Beresheet (Genesis) chapter 24.  Yes, this is the chapter I quoted the RET of earlier in the week (in A History of Marriage – Part 1), which surprisingly no-one noticed.  As usual, the RET of chapter 24 … Continue reading Restored English Translation of Genesis: Chapter 24

Reader Request Friday 23 November

As you may be aware, boottomlesscoffee007 from nominated me for the Friday Reader Request. I gave a post here: So, having given you time to ask questions, I will post my answers - THIS WEEK!  (I might do it again at some point in the future - but not next week.  I'll … Continue reading Reader Request Friday 23 November

John F Kennedy’s Assassination: Part 2

Today is the 55th anniversary of JFK’s death. Here is my second post on the subject.

J-M's History Corner

I forgot to include this in “John F Kennedy’s Assassination”.  Namely, the evidence for a second shooter on the grassy knoll – and the testimony of that shooter!

The videos in the previous post demonstrated a second shooter.  James Files, a former prisoner, claims to have been that person.  There is a bit of evidence to support this.  The following video presents part of an interview with him:

The following article, titled Is James Files telling the truth?, firmly establishes Files’ honesty:

Why do I believe James Files is telling the truth? Here is a non-exhaustive list of reasons in random order:
When I first learned about James Files some three years ago, I was rather amazed that I didn’t know his name. After all, I had been studying the Kennedy assassination for over 12 years. I was more astonished because Files had made his confession in 1994 and…

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John F Kennedy’s assassination

Today is the 55th anniversary of President John F Kennedy’s assassination. Here is my original post on the topic.

J-M's History Corner

John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States, was publicly shot and murdered on November 22nd, 1963, in Dallas, Texas.  Vice-President Lyndon B Johnson succeeded him.  Officially, a lone gunman by the name of Lee Harvey Oswald shot the president, acting alone.  However, numerous theories abound that Kennedy was the victim of a larger conspiracy.  While the media portrays these as simply fringe lunacy, opinion polls show over 70% of the American public believe their 35th president was the victim of a conspiracy.  So what is true?


The following documentary examines the footage, forensic and other evidences and definitely concludes who is guilty, and who is not.

That is actually the sixth episode in a series.  The first five are below:

The following are the 7th, 8th and 9th episodes:

There can be little doubt as to the truth: Kennedy was the victim of a conspiracy.  There is…

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A History of Marriage – Part 1

This is the first in a series of articles I'm doing on how our modern marriage came to be.  Our modern marriage system would not be recognised by our forefathers. MARRIAGE LICENCES/STATE APPROVAL/CHURCH WEDDING The following are a series of articles on this subject: Surprising History of Holy Matrimony: HOLY MATRIMONY IN THE ROMAN CATHOLIC … Continue reading A History of Marriage – Part 1