Restored English Translation of Genesis: Chapter 1

My monthly reblog of an older post. This is the post in which I officially founded the Restored English Translation (RET) of the Bible.

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I have embarked on a quest to translate the entire Bible into English.  Or, more accurately, revise and correct previous translations in light of the Hebrew word meaning and ancient manuscripts.  It is (currently) called the Restored English Translation (RET).  This translation preserves all of the Hebrew names.  It also includes the Aleph Tavs


– the revelation of Yeshua ha’Mashiach (Jesus the Christ) throughout the Tanakh (Old Testament).  More info on the ongoing project will be posted later.  A glossary is at the end of the chapter.

The following is my RET translation of Beresheet (Genesis) chapter 1.  You will notice some differences from traditional translations – particularly when our Creator commands creation into existence.  Most English translations say that God (whose Hebrew title is ELOHIM) said, “Let there be…”  In fact, if you look up the Hebrew words, the more accurate translation is “And ELOHIM [God] commanded, ‘Light…

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