Thunderbird Sightings

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What are the thunderbirds?

According to Wikipedia, they are “large, bird-like creatures” and, according to fossil records, they had a wingspan between 4 and 5 m. [1]


The bird is generally regarded as a myth.But is it?

There have been multiple sightings of a giant bird that the Native Americans call the Thunderbird. The Native Americans have had legends of them since Adam was a cowboy about them coming with the thunderstorms, hence the name “Thunderbird”.

In Weston, Massachusetts in the year 1995, a man who called himself Bob saw a giant bird over Weston, Massachusetts and said that its wingspan was about 20 feet. According to him, Bob had driven over a hill when he saw what he thought was a glider coming straight for his vehicle, when he realized that it was a giant bird. [2] [3]

There was one reported in The BostonGlobe, also…

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