Reader Request Friday 14 December

Earlier this week I gave notice that I’m doing a Reader Request – meaning I answer questions my readers put to me.  Here are my answers.

You can see my previous Reader Request here:

Reader Request Friday 23 November (questions)

Reader Request Friday 23 November (answers)


The Bible as current was put together by the Men of the Nicaea Councils of Emperor Constantine. Who were Paid to Attend and Voted this so called Word of God into History. Many Scriptural Books were also omitted by this gathered Consensus. Do You Have Any Plans to Investigate the Original/Earlier Writings.?. 

Actually, I already have.

The Canon of Scripture, Part 1: The Apocrypha

The Canon of Scripture, Part 2: Enoch and Jubilees

The Canon of Scripture, Part 3: Jasher

The Canon of Scripture, Part 4: The Other Books of Baruch

The Canon of Scripture, Part 5: The Other Books of Enoch

And I’ve got more articles coming.


(I normally separate the questions, but these are easier just posted together.)

G’day! So you’re Australian!? I was thinking you were from England because you post quite a bit on the royal family. Australia was a part of the British Commonwealth though. Oh, maybe you’re an Ausie who lives in England, or do you just enjoy the royal family stuff? Am I supposed to be asking you a history question? ‘Cause I don’t really have any off the top of my head unless you want to share your own history. Has your family always lived in the country that you now occupy? Did they emmigrate from somewhere? You don’t have to answer all of these questions, but you don’t have an “about” and inquiring minds would like to know. 🙂 You really don’t have to answer if I’m being a pest. Just popping by. 🙂 Take care JM!

OK… I’m Aussie, and I live in Australia.  Yes, Australia IS part of the British Commonwealth, and Elizabeth II is Queen of Australia.  And I just enjoy Royal Family stuff.

No, my family hasn’t always lived in Australia – although when they emigrated here (and from where) depends on which branch I talk about.  My father’s from New Zealand, while my mother’s Aussie.  My maternal grandfather’s English, while my maternal grandmother’s Aussie.  In the next few generations on my Mum’s side, my forebearers variously emigrated from England, Ireland, and Jersey (not New Jersey, the Channel Island of Jersey).  I also have Welsh, German, French, Scottish, and a raft of other blood.  In short, I’m a pure-bred mongrel!  (LOL)  I have relatives (cousins) with other nationalities in them as well (Aboriginal, Polynesian, etc).

On the subject of my own history: my great-great-grandmother was the 1st cousin to General Sir Frank Walter Messervy, a British Indian officer who served in both World Wars and was the first Commander-in-Chief of the Pakistani Army.

My grandmother is 1st cousin to Judy Caplick, who ran as the Labor Party candidate for the House of Reps seat of Wide Bay in the 1993 Australian federal election.  She lost to the future Deputy Prime Minister.

My great-great-grandmother (the one mentioned above as 1st cousin to General Sir Messervy) had a brother (Frederick Henry Edward Staines Messervy – often called Henry Messervy) who was a kidnapper arrested in a notorious case in the 1920s.  “The Evil Uncle”, my Grandma likes to call him.  So yeah, I have (or had!) a kidnapper for an uncle.

Ironic considering my great-great-grandfather was a mounted cop in New South Wales.

Another great-great-great or so grandfather was a ship captain and died in Hong Kong.

I also descend directly from Richard Harleston, the first Governor of Jersey, the Channel Island.

My great-great-grandfather was a hotel landlord in Sydney.

Some of my ancestors/relatives owned tea estates in Sri Lanka (then known as Ceylon).

And although my family’s been in Australia for almost 200 years, I don’t descend from a single convict (although I’m related to a couple).

OK, enough about my lineage.  (Although I descend from most of the figures described in The Forgotten Jews.)  If I didn’t stop myself, I could literally ramble for HOURS about my genealogy.  (No exaggeration WHATSOEVER in that sentence.)


Hi there, my hobbies are craft, writing and hopefully more painting. What are your hobbies ?

My hobbies are researching, reading, and watching.  Oh, and fanfiction writing.  (I think I like your question best.)


What is the worst movie you have ever seen…?

I’ve actually mentioned this before – in Mystery Blogger Award.  But, I’m more than happy to spread the word about the worst piece of filmmaking in existence (at least, worst one I’ve seen).

It’s Bee Movie.

It’s meant to be a comedy, and the start is alright.  But it soon descends into stupidity – both attempted comedy that winds up being just stupid, and stupid (and actually DANGEROUS) left-wing propaganda.  No, it isn’t like Geostorm, The Day After Tomorrow, or even White House Down, in which the movie is done well enough (and doesn’t focus on its libtardness enough) that you can ignore the left-wing nonsense and enjoy the movie.  Once it starts (in the first half of the movie), it’s intricately and explicitly into almost every moment of the movie.  It takes animal rights and environmentalist bullshit to the most logical extreme, and LITERALLY promotes a communist police state (which it portrays as “funny”).

Hollywood’s biggest piece of crap EVER!  (With the possible exception of The Da Vinci Code or Prometheus, but I haven’t seen them – and don’t intend to.)

So what’s your name? 

My first name is John-Michael.


What are you waiting for when it comes to a girlfriend/wife?

Well, for one thing I’m waiting to meet her.  (Meaning I haven’t met a girl I’m interested in yet – or one that’s interested in me.  Actually, I’ve met very few girls.)

What do you plan on doing with your life?

I should probably give more thought to this one.

Why not do a few years in the military?

ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!  I’m a conspiracy theorist (as most of my followers and readers know), and I’ve looked a bit into the origins of many wars and/or the false flag events that went into those wars.  Needless to say, I’m extremely cynical about the West’s wars.  They’re not worth giving my life for.  I’m not dying for my politicians.  I’m not dying for the elite.  And I’m not dying for my country – most of the time, it’s not worth dying for.

Do you still live at home with your parents?

That’s kinda personal, isn’t it?  (LOL)  Yes, I still live with my parents.

Do you plan on visiting Israel?

No – tight finances, plus all the Palestinian violence over there.  Although I would certainly LIKE to visit Israel.

What about joining the IDF for a few years?

When I was younger, I wanted to be an Israeli secret agent.  In fact, I wanted to be an Israeli spy within Australia (there’s patriotism for you).  That’s more every kids’ spy dream than reality.  But my cynicism towards the West and their wars doesn’t extend towards Israel.  It’s HIGHLY UNLIKELY to ever happen, but I’m not overly hostile towards the idea of defending Israel.

Why haven’t you written a book yet with all of the research you have done?

Ha ha – you hit the nail on the head!  Actually, I HAVE started writing a book.  Although I’ve become really slack on it (and now writing more is impeded by the fact my computer’s decided I can’t upload photos onto the document anymore).


Do you have an about page on your blog? I have been searching for it. I would like to know more about you.  I hope you will be able to give us some more information when you answer the questions. Blogging is a great way to meet new friends. I have made some wonderful friends here on my blog who have been more supportive than some people I know for years in real life.

No – after I received your comment, I checked and discovered that I DON’T have an about page.  I’ve given a bit of information about myself in the preceding answers – but here’s a little bit more.

I’m 19.

I’ve several times said I’m the oldest of 8.  That’s not the entire truth.  I have 7 younger full siblings & 5 older half siblings, making me both the oldest of 8 and the 6th of 13.  Oh, and my two oldest half-siblings are older than Mum.

I was born on Friday the 13th (no, seriously, I was).  I’m so glad I’m not superstitious!

I love disaster, science fiction, & action movies (and action-adventure, & adventure).

I like a lot of films that most people dislike.

I like a number of films that some stricter Christians would shun.

I believe in a 6-day Creation, a 6000-year history, and a global Noah’s Flood.

I hold a rather broad Biblical canon – broader than most.

Can’t really think of anything else to say at the moment.

I hope you enjoy my answers to all your questions.

The tags

Everyone who asked me questions: you’re tagged to do the Reader Request!

Have fun!

36 thoughts on “Reader Request Friday 14 December

  1. I have another question? So can I call you by your name now, or do you prefer JM? I enjoyed your family history. You know a lot about it! Unfortunately, my family didn’t keep track of everything so I only know a bit about my mother’s side. As far as I know, on both sides of the family I have, English, Irish and Scottish ancestry. What else may be in there I have no idea. Sn evil uncle, huh? Lol… that’s funny. By the way, we live in Canada, but my family emmigrated from England. I’d love to travel and see Great Britian one day… it’s on my wish list. If God wills it, I’ll be on that plane! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I am in shock. I cannot believe you are only 19. You look much older in the picture. Well for a young man your age you have an extensive knowledge. You have a thirst for God that you hardly find in young people your age. I pray that you will continue to grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. Keep up the good work.

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