My First Podcast Appearance

Myself and my sister rue202 from Racheal’s Novels and miscellaneousoddity just recently appeared on fellow blogger bottomlesscoffee007‘s podcast.

It was a little rough at first (I have a literal phobia of phone & skype conversations), but it turned out good in the end.


20 thoughts on “My First Podcast Appearance

  1. Thank you for sharing. Have a wonderful podcast future. And Merry Christmas. Love the Aussies. Military husband used to say they were the bravest he ever fought with.:)

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  2. Good for you J-M! It’s not easy to do things that are uncomfortable! The first video I ever made was for a Christian networking site. I was very awkward. My voice was so shaky. When I watch it now I still feel awkward watching it lol. I did get better over time, although I still have a tendency to go blank in front of a camera. I get a nervous smile, and I’m super self conscious. I haven’t made a video for WordPress …yet. I’ve been thinking about it, but I’d have to think about it a while other wise it won’t go well… Lol.

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