Why would ANYONE be ‘Vaccine-hesitant’?


At 1,246 words, this isn’t my shortest post ever. Yet, I believe it is important enough for you to read through. I guess I’ve hesitated to write on this topic for some time. I knew it is a very controversial subject. Maybe even hush-hush in some circles.. But mainly, I needed more research under my belt.

And I have acquired some more information. Either way however, I have had enough. Too many lies. Too much deception. Vaccinations is something we must do something about. And I’ve learned that first-hand.

Indeed, perhaps there is a reason hundreds, maybe thousands of American men and women have refused to let vaccines be administered to their children.

Perhaps there is a reason for the sequence of events; A beautiful baby boy is born, gets a vaccination, and within days, months – or even hours – later, he gets sick. And then he grows up…

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18 thoughts on “Why would ANYONE be ‘Vaccine-hesitant’?

  1. I respectfully disagree. I’ve seen children with tuberculosis and I’ve seen the effects of measles. I’ve seen a friend in intensive care desperately ill with tetanus. Vaccines can and do save lives.
    I’m so sorry about Fannie. Kittens dying breaks my heart but rabies is incurable and it’s a evil horrid disease. My pets are vaccinated. My husband had to have anti rabies injections after being bitten by a bat. There are always people and animals that can’t tolerate different meds or even foods. My beagle can’t eat chicken. It makes him violently sick.
    Before we moved to this house we had several outside semi- feral cats. We fed them, had ‘cat houses and got females spayed but that was about all we could do. A few months before we moved they got a virus that decimated the colony from 17 down to 3. I have two cats now who have FIV. I wish there was a vaccine for that.
    One of my best friends is extremely anti vaccines. She’s very intelligent, compassionate and eloquent. She makes a great argument against vaccines. I’m on the other side of the fence! We respect each other’s opinions but even she admits that she benefits from herd immunity thanks to those who do vaccinate.

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  2. It seems vaccines have both saved and taken lives. Some vaccines actually list “death” as a side effect on the packaging (I’m not kidding – I’ve seen the photos on the packaging). Some vaccines contain stuff from aborted babies (!). And then there’s mercury – which is simply a toxin. Here’s an interesting video of Bill Gates, bigtime vaccine promoter, admitting the REAL reason for vaccines:

    Of course, in the end to vaccinate or not to vaccinate is entirely each one’s own decision, and I 100% respect yours. It’s sad (and disturbing) that politicians seek to remove that right to make one’s own informed decision – or at least make it difficult for those who say no.

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  3. This is such a controversial issue. My brother lost a twin at one month. My mother had got no vaccinations at the time for them. I was not vaccinated against anything but polio, got German measles, then encephalitis but survived both, miraculously. We now have immigrants swarming America with untold diseases and typhoid, tb, and other illnesses that had been all but annihilated are on the rise. It’s horrifying.

    As I said, controversial.

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  4. It’s an easy answer. Take it or don’t take it, you know the risks associated with both.

    I think this is an argument of false safety over actual side effects.

    Are you safer with or without? It’s up to the individual to decide for themselves.

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  5. Drug companys have been and still are using third world populations for testing and sterlizing. Zukerberg is funding this. I understand India discovered this several years and therefore inspect all vaccines that are used. America is the leading place to send drugs overseas, and South America. My sister went to Mexico several years ago and they sold out of date drugs ,sold to them by our drug co.s . People bought them anyway and they usually worked. So someone has been lying and cheating the people of America many years and kill

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  6. I disagree with vaccines. If they started out wanting to help people, it was corrupted along the way & now vaccines are weapons.

    Why do people continuously ignore the human immune system. It begins to learn when you are a baby. You get protection from mom’s milk then, you get colds & other germs from your environment. The immune system should grow stronger. SHOULD. Adjuvants just screw everything up.

    When they came out with a chicken pox vaccine, I KNEW it was a weapon.

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