Star Wars Humour

The following is a political campaign tweet made by Australia’s ruling Liberal Party, featuring our current Prime Minister, Scott Morrison.  (Malcolm Turnbull got dumped last August.)  I’m presenting this purely for laughs.

(I found it hilarious, anyway.)  (Australia has a federal election coming up on May 18th.)  (And it’s Star Wars Day.)


The party followed it up a few hours later with a tweet mocking the Labor Party (which is currently in Opposition).  The tweet imposes Labor leader and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten’s face onto the Emperor.

Followed by yet another one:



14 thoughts on “Star Wars Humour

  1. Thanks for the LOL. If creating a LOL was the intention of the campaign experts, they know their business. If, on the other hand, they were attempting to appeal to serious voters, I’m not so sure. Characterization of American politicians appear more blood-thirsty.

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