My Time Slip Experiences

Last week I published Time Slips, which gave a couple accounts of persons who may have slipped through time.  I mentioned that I’d had a couple time slip experience, but didn’t detail them.  Well, that’s what I’m doing today.

Fellow blogger Naomi has published my accounts on her blog Time Slip Accounts (highly recommended site).  I’ll reproduce her article (which is narrated by me).

Here are my time slip experiences, both from when before I became an adult:
The first time, I was looking for a ruler (I was homeschooled).  My Mum told me there was one on the desk in the far corner of the lounge.  As I walked over there, I passed my Dad on the computer.  He had his email inbox up, but was talking on the phone to a contact of ours.  I happened to notice in passing an unread email from the contact titled “Hannah” at the top of the inbox (immediately below it was an email we’d read earlier about Answers in Genesis’ Ark Exhibit).  I got the ruler, and headed back towards the kitchen.  Just after I passed the computer, Dad said “No, it hasn’t come in yet.”  I quickly looked and saw the the email “Hannah” WAS NOT THERE!  At the top of the list was the read Ark email.  a second later, I SAW THE EMAIL TITLED “HANNAH” FROM THE PERSON DAD WAS TALKING TO ARRIVE!  Saw it with my own eyes.  So, I saw an email before it was sent!
I found out afterwards that Hannah was the name of the contact’s dog, and the email apparently contained a photo of the dog.  I had earlier heard Dad (in the phone conversation) say something about a dog, but I hadn’t paid much attention, and certainly hadn’t heard the name!
The second time occurred while my Dad was out – although whether he was out visiting or shopping, or if he was on a trip, I don’t remember.  Anyway, my Dad rung, and Mum started talking with him on the phone (this is in the lounge – right next to the computer; about halfway along the lounge).  While Mum was talking with him, the microwave in the back of the kitchen beeped, indicating it had preheated.  She quietly asked me to sort it out.  I walked (at a brisk pace) straight to the microwave, opened the door, hesitated for a second – and then saw Mum right behind me!  Now, Mum is notoriously slow.  It’s become a running joke in the family.  To have done that, she would have had to have immediately (and I mean literally IMMEDIATELY) hung up and walked quite quick behind me – which she had no reason to do.  I confirmed with my sister (who was in the lounge at the time) that Mum CONTINUED talking with Dad for a short time after I left, which makes her appearing a metre or two behind me IMPOSSIBLE!  Curiously enough, my sister said that while she hadn’t paid attention to it at the time, there WAS a gap of time between when I entered the kitchen and when I opened the microwave (and I can personally attest that I DIDN’T DELAY!).  Did I skip a few minutes of time?

Submitted by JM1999

And I think I might have had a 3rd experience recently.  This one’s hard to explain, so I’ll try and find an illustration.
Imagine two persons (I’ll call them 1 and 2) standing at point D.  They both begin walking at the same time – but whereas Person 1 walks straight to point C, Person 2 walks to point A and then to B – pushing a pram.  Neither walk particularly fast or slow.  Is Person 2 going to reach point B at the same time as or before Person 1 reaches point C?  No.  I was Person 1.  Recently.  While walking home at the end of the day.  Still scratching my head over it.

19 thoughts on “My Time Slip Experiences

  1. Einstein believed time travel was possible, due to the law of relativity.

    I watched a show last night about him and they were saying if time travel was possible, it wouldn’t be sequential as we currently experience it. In other words, we wouldn’t move actually move backward or forward in time, per se, but time would become all present. Much like looking down at a timeline in a book and seeing everything from beginning to end simultaneously. Is that wild or what?

    Whether or not intentional time travel is possible for us (as God may have put limits on that for us) there is no doubt that it does exist in theory. And who knows that we may at times legitimately ‘slip’ through for a brief moment? Maybe that’s really what deja vu is all about.

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