Thunderbirds Are GO!

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Welcome to the 13th edition of My Fortnightly Movie/TV Thoughts.  Last fortnight I reviewed The Shack (2017).  This fortnight, I’m reviewing:

  • Thunderbirds Are Go (2015-present), overall rated PG for mild themes and violence

That of course is the Australian rating; not sure what the TV rating in the US is.

As usual, I’ll give the trailer and a clip at the end.  (Since this is a TV series, I might include more than one.)  And as usual, I offer the disclaimer (just in case):


Thunderbirds Are Go


ITV’s CGI remake of the classic ’60s sci-fi show Thunderbirds is among my all-time favourite TV shows.  (And my first review of a TV series proper – Jesus being a two-part mini-seriees.)

In 2060, a secretive organisation with advanced technology works to save lives around the globe.  Based on a secret island, they are…

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19 thoughts on “Thunderbirds Are GO!

  1. My favourite Thunderbirds are Thunderbird Shadow and Thunderbird 2. My favourite Tracys are Virgil and John – and possibly Grandma Tracy (though I relate to Alan more times than I care to admit); my fav non-Tracys are Lady P, Parker, and Kayo – along with the Mechanic and the Hood.

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    1. The original Thunderbirds is a British show that never shown in America. In fact, it was cancelled when co-creator Gerry Anderson failed to sell it to American TV. The newer one does show in America, but it’s much more well-known in the Commonwealth countries (like here in Aus) where the original showed.

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          1. Wow I didn’t even know Australia had different time zone, had to look it up since you said “where I am 1:04. Seems like the time is a little less uniform with the rest of the world…fascinating!

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                  1. LOL well…I’m maybe less ignorant than most Americans, but still, I imagine most Australians and Kiwis know more about the States than us knowing about Australia and New Zealand

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