How I See You

I’m Yoda!


Yesterday, I did a post about Looney Tunes and mentioned some of my favourite characters, and jokingly compared a couple of bloggers to a couple of LT characters. 😁 Well, it got me thinking about a few bloggers that I am quite good friends with and trying to figure out what movie/TV show character(s) they each were like and it inspired me to do a post featuring each of the bloggers, and the movie/TV show character(s) I think they are like. Some explanation of the movie/TV show characters I pick might be necessary. 😊

WARNING: Except some tongue-in-cheek. 😉

Number 1#:


For those who are not yet aware of her blog, Britchy is a sassy, witty, hazardous female who’s family lives in daily terror of her shenanigans and whatnot. TRUST ME, she is sooo worth following!! (Of course, that last comment was probably just to protect my hide…;) ) Anyway…

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245 thoughts on “How I See You

                    1. *coughs loudly to get your attention*
                      AHEM!!! Remember that discussion we had on I’ve forgotten what post of mine that I explained that I hate being quote unquote “Ladylike”?

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                    2. I’m serious Racheal… we’re done… I need better friends… friends who would consider me Superman or Batman… friends who wouldn’t give me a hard time all the time… friends who don’t want to be tomboys….

                      Real friends Racheal… real friends……

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        1. That reminds me of a conversation my Grandad told me about: he was telling my cousin that standing there with her hands on her hips wasn’t ladylike; and my cousin replied, “Grandad, I’m too young to be a lady!” My cousin replied, “Grandad, I’m too young to be a lady!”

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                    1. (That wasn’t entirely a joke, by the way. On my Dad’s side, large families is a de facto family tradition; and on Mum’s side, the most common occupation is being a nurse – even my paternal grandfather was one.)

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                    1. Well, that narrows the place where you live down to Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia, and North Carolina.

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