Restored English Translation of Esther: Chapter 9

Today I present my Restored English Translation (RET) of Ester (Esther) chapter 9.  As usual, it contains the Hebrew names, with a glossary of them at the end.  This chapter partly corresponds with what commonly appears as “Chapter 5” in the abridged translations in most Bibles.  See Restored English Translation of Esther: Chapter 1 and The Canon of Scripture, Part 1: The Apocrypha.


1 And it was on the 3rd day, when she had ended her prayers, Ester laid away her mourning garments, and put on her royal clothing. 2 And being gloriously adorned, after she had called on ELOHIM, Who is the beholder and saviour of all things, she took two maids with her. 3 And she leaned on one gently for support; 4 and the other followed, holding up her train. 5 And she was radiant through the perfection of her beauty, and her countenance was cheerful and very amiable; but her heart was in anguish for fear. 6 Then having passed through all the doors, she stood before the King, who sat on his royal throne, and was clothed with all his robes of majesty, all glittering with gold and precious stones; and he was very dreadful. 7 Then lifting up his countenance, which shone with majesty, he looked very fiercely on her. And the Queen fell down, and was pale, and fainted, and bowed herself on the head of the maid who went before her. 8 Then ELOHIM changed the spirit of the king into mildness, who in a fear leaped from his throne, and took her in his arms until she came to herself again, and comforted her with loving words and said to her, 9 “Ester, what is the matter? I am your brother. Be of good cheer. 10 You will not die, though our commandment be general. Come near.” 11 And so be held up his golden sceptre, and laid it on her neck, 12 and embraced her, and said, “Speak to me.” 13 Then said she to him, “I saw you, my master, as a messenger of ELOHIM, and my heart was troubled for fear of your majesty. 14 For you are wonderful, master, and your countenance is full of grace.” 15 And as she was speaking, she fell down for faintness. 16 Then the king was troubled, and all his servants comforted her. 17 Then the king said to her, “What do you wish, Queen Ester? And what is your request? It will be given to you, even to the half of the kingdom.” 18 And Ester answered, “If it seems good to the King, let the King and Haman come today to the banquet that I have prepared for him.” 19 Then the king said, “Cause Haman to make haste, that he may do as Ester has said.” So the King and Haman came to the banquet that Ester had prepared. 20 And the King said to Ester at the banquet of wine, “What is your petition? And it will be granted you. And what is your request? It will be performed, to the half of the kingdom.” 21 Then Ester answered and said, “My petition and my request is: 22 if I have found favour in the sight of the King, and if it please the King to grant my petition, and to perform my request, let the King and Haman come to the banquet that I will prepare for them, and I will do tomorrow as the king has said.” 23 Then Haman went out that day joyful and with a glad heart. But when Haman saw Mordekai in the King’s gate, that he did not stand up, nor did he move for him, he was full of indignation against Mordekai. 24 Nevertheless Haman refrained himself. And when he came home, he sent and called for his friends, and his wife Zeresh. 25 And Haman told them of the glory of his riches, and the multitude of his children, and all the things in which the king had promoted him, and how he had advanced him above the princes and servants of the king. 26 Haman said in addition, “Yes, Ester the Queen did not let any man come in with the king to the banquet that she had prepared but myself; and tomorrow I am also invited by her with the king. 27 Yet all this avails me nothing, so long as I see Mordekai the Yehudi sitting at the king’s gate.” 28 Then his wife Zeresh and all his friends said to him, “Let a stake be made 50 cubits high, and tomorrow speak to the King that Mordekai may be hanged on it. Then you go in merrily with the King to the banquet.” And the thing pleased Haman; and he caused the stake to be made.


Ester – Esther

ELOHIM – God(s)

Mordekai – Mordecai

Yehudi – Jew

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