The World’s Longest Names

I used to think my grandfather, with two middle names, had a long name.  Similar with Queen Elizabeth II (Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor), Prince Charles (Charles Philip Arthur George Mountbatten-Windsor), Prince Harry (Henry Charles Albert David Mountbatten-Windsor) and several other royals.  Then I heard about my distant (criminal) uncle, Frederick Henry Edward Staines Messervy.

But even these pale in comparison to the longest names in history – both of the living and the dead.

Hubert Blaine Wolfeschlegelsteinhausenbergerdorff Sr.

Hubert Blaine Wolfeschlegelsteinhausenbergerdorff, Sr.png

The full name of this German-born American, who was born around 1914 in Bergedorf and died in 1997 in Philadelphia, had 25 middle names and a 988-letter surname, and is generally considered to have the longest known name in history – birth name, anyway.  His full name is:

Adolph Blaine Charles David Earl Frederick Gerald Hubert Irvin John Kenneth Lloyd Martin Nero Oliver Paul Quincy Randolph Sherman Thomas Uncas Victor William Xerxes Yancy Zeus Wolfe­schlegel­stein­hausen­berger­dorff­welche­vor­altern­waren­gewissen­haft­schafers­wessen­schafe­waren­wohl­gepflege­und­sorg­faltig­keit­be­schutzen­vor­an­greifen­durch­ihr­raub­gierig­feinde­welche­vor­altern­zwolf­hundert­tausend­jah­res­voran­die­er­scheinen­von­der­erste­erde­mensch­der­raum­schiff­genacht­mit­tung­stein­und­sieben­iridium­elek­trisch­motors­ge­brauch­licht­als­sein­ur­sprung­von­kraft­ge­start­sein­lange­fahrt­hin­zwischen­stern­artig­raum­auf­der­suchen­nach­bar­schaft­der­stern­welche­ge­habt­be­wohn­bar­planeten­kreise­drehen­sich­und­wo­hin­der­neue­rasse­von­ver­stand­ig­mensch­lich­keit­konnte­fort­pflanzen­und­sicher­freuen­an­lebens­lang­lich­freude­und­ru­he­mit­nicht­ein­furcht­vor­an­greifen­vor­anderer­intelligent­ge­schopfs­von­hin­zwischen­stern­art­ig­raum Sr.

The surname (which I won’t even attempt to try to pronounce) was apparently composed by his great-grandfather when German Jews were required to take a surname.  Hubert himself provided an explanation as to its meaning:

It tells a story of a wolf-killer, a resident of a stonehouse in a village, whose ancestors were conscientious shepherds whose sheep were well fed and carefully guarded against attack by ferocious enemies and whose ancestors 1,200,000 years before the first earth man, in a space ship made with tungsten and seven iridium motors and using light as a source of power, started a long journey across interstellar space, searching for a star around which was an inhabitable planet where they could establish a new race of intelligent mankind and where they would live long, happy lives and be free from attack by other intelligentsia from the outer space from whence they came.

Dmitri Borgmann, who noted that the surname was filled with grammatical errors, gave this paraphrase:

Ages ago, there were conscientious shepherds whose sheep were well tended and carefully protected against attack by their rapacious enemies. Twelve hundred thousand years ago there appeared before these first earthmen, at night, a spaceship powered by seven stone and iridium electric motors. It had originally been launched on its long trip into stellar space in the search for neighboring stars that might have planets revolving about them that were inhabitable and on which planets a new race of intelligent humanity might propagate itself and rejoice for life, without fear of attack by other intelligent beings from interstellar space.

Dawn McManus

In April 2012, she changed her name to:

Red Wacky League Antlez Broke the Stereo Neon Tide Bring Back Honesty Coalition Feedback Hand of Aces Keep Going Captain Let’s Pretend Lost State of Dance Paper Taxis Lunar Road Up! Down! Strange! All and I Neon Sheep Eve Hornby Faye Bradley AJ Wilde Michael Rice Dion Watts Matthew Appleyard John Ashurst Lauren Swales Zoe Angus Jaspreet Singh Emma Matthews Nicola Brown Leanne Pickering Victoria Davies Rachel Burnside Gil Parker Freya Watson Alisha Watts James Pearson Jacob Sotheran-Darley Beth Lowery Jasmine Hewitt Chloe Gibson Molly Farquhar Lewis Murphy Abbie Coulson Nick Davies Harvey Parker Kyran Williamson Michael Anderson Bethany Murray Sophie Hamilton Amy Wilkins Emma Simpson Liam Wales Jacob Bartram Alex Hooks Rebecca Miller Caitlin Miller Sean McCloskey Dominic Parker Abbey Sharpe Elena Larkin Rebecca Simpson Nick Dixon Abbie Farrelly Liam Grieves Casey Smith Liam Downing Ben Wignall Elizabeth Hann Danielle Walker Lauren Glen James Johnson Ben Ervine Kate Burton James Hudson Daniel Mayes Matthew Kitching Josh Bennett Evolution Dreams

From History Rundown:

Dawn McManus, a 41-year-old English woman from Hartlepool, has changed her name in April 2012, to encourage fundraising for her charity, Red Dreams. With more than 161 words and 898 letters, this is currently the longest name of a living person in the world, surpassing the previous record estabilished in 2012 by David Fearn, below.

David Fern

This Brit – a huge James Bond fan – LITERALLY became James Bond; in 2006, around the release of Casino Royale, he changed his name to:

James Dr No From Russia with Love Goldfinger Thunderball You Only Live Twice On Her Majesty’s Secret Service Diamonds Are Forever Live and Let Die The Man with the Golden Gun The Spy Who Loved Me Moonraker For Your Eyes Only Octopussy A View to a Kill The Living Daylights Licence to Kill Golden Eye Tomorrow Never Dies The World Is Not Enough Die Another Day Casino Royale Bond

Barnaby Usansky

Image result for barnaby usansky

He changed his name to:

Barnaby Marmaduke Aloysius Benjy Cobweb Dartagnan Egbert Felix Gaspar Humbert Ignatius Jayden Kasper Leroy Maximilian Neddy Obiajulu Pepin Quilliam Rosencrantz Sexton Teddy Upwood Vivatma Wayland Xylon Yardley Zachary Usansky

(His old name was Nick.)

Pablo Picasso

A little-known fact about the famous artist is that his full name was:

Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santísima Trinidad Ruiz y Picasso

Mary Kawena Pukui

Mary Kawena Pukui.jpg

A Hawaiian scholar, dancer, composer and educator, born in 1895 and died in 1896, only had 3 middle names, but still had an extremely long name:

Mary Abigail

Kawenaʻulaokalaniahiʻiakaikapoliopelekawahineʻaihonuaināleilehuaapele Wiggin Puku

Jaimie Williams

I’m not even going to try…

Hery Rajaonarimampianina

Hery Rajaonarimampianina 2014.jpg

Born in 1958, he served as the President of Madagascar from 2014 until 2018, and held the record for longest name of a sitting world leader:

Hery Martial Rajaonarimampianina Rakotoarimanana

Ferdinand VII

Francisco Goya - Portrait of Ferdinand VII of Spain in his robes of state (1815) - Prado.jpg

Born in 1784 and dying in 1833, he reigned as the King of Spain in 1808, and again from 1813 until his death.  His full name:

Fernando Francisco de Paula Domingo Vincente Ferrer Antonio José Joaquín Pascual Diego Juan Nepomuceno Januario Francisco Javier Rafael Miguel Gabriel Calisto Cayetano Fausto Luis Raimundo Gregorio Lorenzo Jerónimo de Borbón y Borbón-Parma

Edward VIII

Edward, while Prince of Wales

Born in 1894 and died in 1972, he reigned as the King of the United Kingdom and the British Dominions and as the Emperor of India for just under 11 months in 1936 before famously abdicating for love, and subsequently served as the Governor of the Bahamas from 1940 until 1945.  He had the longest name of a British monarch:

Edward Albert Christian George Andrew Patrick David Windsor

(Recall that Windsor was only his surname after 1917; beforehand, it was Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, which only makes his name longer.)

Mary of Teck

Mary in tiara and gown wearing a choker necklace and a string of pearls

Born in 1867 and dying in 1953, she was a great-granddaughter of King George III of the United Kingdom, wife of King George V, mother of King Edward VIII and King George VI, and grandmother of Queen Elizabeth II.  She was Queen and Empress Consort from 1910 until 1936, and Queen Mother from 1936 until 1952.  Her full name:

Victoria Mary Augusta Louise Olga Pauline Claudine Agnes von Teck

Juan Carlos I

Posado tras la entrega de los premios Fondena 2014 (cropped).jpeg

Born in 1938, he reigned as the King of Spain from 1975 until his abdication in 2014.  His full name:

Juan Carlos Alfonso Víctor María de Borbón y Borbón-Dos Sicilias

Cayetana Fitz-James Stuart, 18th Duchess of Alba

Born in 1926 and dying in 2014, she was the senior (illegitimate) descendant of King James II of England, and the most titled person on the planet.  Her full name:

María del Rosario Cayetana Fitz-James Stuart y Silva,_18th_Duchess_of_Alba

I also suggest looking at her lengthy list of titles – quite record-breaking:,_18th_Duchess_of_Alba#Titles,_styles_and_honours

Ernst August, Prince of Hanover


The senior legitimate male-line descendant of King George III of the United Kingdom and Hanover and King George V of Hanover, and current pretender to the defunct Hanoverian throne, he was born in 1954.  His full name:

Ernst August Albert Paul Otto Rupprecht Oskar Berthold Friedrich-Ferdinand Christian-Ludwig Guelph

Prince Ernst August of Hanover


Born in 1983, he is the son and heir of the elder Prince.  His full name:

Ernest Augustus Andrew Philip Constantine Maximilian Ralph Stephen Louis Rudolph Guelph

Prince Ernest Augustus of Hanover

Ernest Augustus, Hereditary Prince of Brunswick.jpg

Born in 1914 and dying in 1987, he was the father of the current senior Prince Ernest Augustus, and the great-grandson of the last King of Hanover, George V.  His GIVEN names (minus a surname – which he didn’t seem to possess):

Ernest Augustus George William Christian Louis Francis Joseph Nicholas Oscar

Ernest Augustus, Crown Prince of Hanover


Born in 1845 and dying in 1923, he was the eldest son and heir and only child of King George V of Hanover, and pretender to the defunct throne.  His full given names (minus a surname):

Ernest Augustus William Adolphus George Frederick,_Crown_Prince_of_Hanover

George V


Born in 1819 and dying in 1878, he reigned as the last King of Hanover from 1851 until the kingdom was absorbed into Germany in 1866 (although he continued to pretend the throne until his death).  His full given names (minus a surname):

George Frederick Alexander Charles Ernest Augustus

Felipe VI

(Felipe de Borbón) Inauguración de FITUR 2018 (39840659951) (cropped).jpg

Born in 1968, he has reigned as the King of Spain since his father Juan Carlos I’s abdication 2014.  His full name:

Felipe Juan Pablo Alfonso de Todos los Santos de Borbón y Grecia

Infante Juan, Count of Barcelona

J. de Borbón.jpg

Born in 1913 and dying in 1993, he was the son and heir of King Alfonso XIII of Spain, and the father of King Juan Carlos I.  His full name:

Juan Carlos Teresa Silverio Alfonso de Borbón y Battenberg,_Count_of_Barcelona

Alfonso XIII

Rey Alfonso XIII de España, by Kaulak.jpg

Born in 1886 and dying in 1941, he reigned as the King of Spain from 1886 until the monarchy’s abolishment in 1931.  His full name:

Alfonso León Fernando María Jaime Isidro Pascual Antonio de Borbón y Habsburgo-Lorena

Alfonso XII

King Alfonso XII.jpg

Born in 1857 and dying in 1885, he reigned as the King of Spain from 1874 until his death.  His full name (possibly minus a surname):

Alfonso Francisco de Asís Fernando Pío Juan María de la Concepción Gregorio Pelayo

Mercedes of Orléans

Maria de la Mercedes.jpg

Born in 1860 and dying in 1878, she was the first wife of King Alfonso XII of Spain, and thus served as Queen of Spain briefly in 1878.  Her full name:

María de las Mercedes Isabel Francisca de Asís Antonia Luisa Fernanda de Orléans y Borbón

Maria Christina of Austria

Queen Maria Christina of Spain Franzen.jpg

Born in 1858 and dying in 1929, she was the second wife of King Alfonso XII of Spain, and thus served as Queen of Spain from 1879 until 1885.  Her full name:

Maria Christina Henriette Desideria Felicitas Raineria von Habsburg-Lothringen

Francis, Duke of Cadiz

Francis King consort of Spain.jpg

Born in 1822 and dying in 1902, he was the husband of Queen Isabella II of Spain, and thus served as the King Consort of Spain from 1846 until 1868.  His full name:

Francisco de Asís María Fernando de Borbón y Borbón-Dos Sicilias,_Duke_of_C%C3%A1diz

Maria Antonia of Naples and Sicily

Maria Antonietta Borbone Napoli 1784 18061.jpg

Born in 1784 and dying in 1806, she was the first wife of the future King Ferdinand VII of Spain.  Her full name:

Maria Antonietta Teresa Amelia Giovanna Battista Francesca Gaetana Maria Anna Lucia

Maria Isabel of Braganza

Maria Isabel of Braganza.jpg

Born in 1797 and dying in dying in 1818, she was the second wife of King Ferdinand VII of Spain, thus serving as the Queen Consort of Spain from 1816 until her death.  Her full name:

Maria Isabel Francisca de Assis Antónia Carlota Joana Josefa Xavier de Paula Micaela Rafaela Isabel Gonzaga de Bragança

Maria Josepha Amalia of Saxony

Maria Josepha of Saxony.jpg

Born in 1803 and dying in 1829, she was the 3rd wife of King Ferdinand VII of Spain, and thus served as the Queen of Spain from 1819 until her death.  Her full name:

Maria Josepha Amalia Beatrix Xaveria Vincentia Aloysia Franziska de Paula Franziska de Chantal Anna Apollonia Johanna Nepomucena Walburga Theresia Ambrosia

Charles IV

Carlos IV de rojo.jpg

Born in 1748 and dying in 1819, he reigned as the King of Spain from 1788 until his abdication in 1808.  His full name:

Carlos Antonio Pascual Francisco Javier Juan Nepomuceno José Januario Serafín Diego de Borbón y Sajonia

Maria Amalia of Saxony

Maria Amalia of Saxony as Queen of Naples overlooking the Neapolitan crown by Giuseppe Bonito held at the Prado.png

Born in 1724 and dying in 1760, she was the wife of King Charles III of Spain, VII of Naples and V of Sicily, and thus served as Queen of Spain from 1759 until 1760, and as the Queen of Naples and Sicily from 1738 until 1759.  Her full name:

Maria Amalia Christina Franziska Xaveria Flora Walburga

Maximilian, Hereditary Prince of Saxony

Maximilian Saxony.jpg

Born in 1759 and dying in 1838, he was the grandson of King Augustus III of Poland and Holy Roman Emperor Charles VII, and one of the fathers-in-law to King Ferdinand VII of Spain.  His full name:

Maximilian Maria Joseph Anton Johann Baptist Johann Evangelista Ignaz Augustin Xavier Aloys Johann Nepomuk Januar Hermenegild Agnellis Paschalis

His children’s names:

  1. Maria Amalia Friederike Augusta Karolina Ludovica Josepha Aloysia Anna Nepomucena Philippina Vincentia Franziska de Paula Franziska de Chantal (b. Dresden, 10 August 1794 – d. Pillnitz, 18 September 1870), known as Amalia. [1]
  2. Maria Ferdinanda Amalia Xaveria Theresia Josepha Anna Nepomucena Aloysia Johanna Vincentia Ignatia Dominica Franziska de Paula Franziska de Chantal (b. Dresden, 27 April 1796 – d. Schloss Brandeis, Bohemia, 3 January 1865), known as Maria; married on 6 May 1821 to Ferdinand III, Grand Duke of Tuscany (father-in-law of her younger sister).
  3. Frederick Augustus II Albert Maria Clemens Joseph Vincenz Aloys Nepomuk Johann Baptista Nikolaus Raphael Peter Xavier Franz de Paula Venantius Felix (b. Dresden, 18 May 1797 – d. Brennbüchel, 9 August 1854), King of Saxony (1836).
  4. Klemens Maria Joseph Nepomuk Aloys Vincenz Xavier Franz de Paula Franz de Valois Joachim Benno Philipp Jakob (b. Dresden, 1 May 1798 – d. Pisa, 4 January 1822), known as Klemens.[2]
  5. Maria Anna Carolina Josepha Vincentia Xaveria Nepomucena Franziska de Paula Franziska de Chantal Johanna Antonia Elisabeth Cunigunde Gertrud Leopoldina (b. Dresden, 15 November 1799 – d. Pisa, 24 March 1832), known as Anna; married on 16 November 1817 to Leopold II, Grand Duke of Tuscany.
  6. Johann I Nepomuk Maria Joseph Anton Xaver Vincenz Aloys Franz de Paula Stanislaus Bernhard Paul Felix Damasus (b. Dresden, 12 December 1801 – d. Pillnitz, 29 October 1873), King of Saxony (1854).
  7. Maria Josepha Amalia Beatrix Xaveria Vincentia Aloysia Franziska de Paula Franziska de Chantal Anna Apollonia Johanna Nepomucena Walburga Theresia Ambrosia (b. Dresden, 6 December 1803 – d. Aranjuez, 17 May 1829), known as Josepha; married on 20 October 1819 to King Ferdinand VII of Spain.,_Hereditary_Prince_of_Saxony


Louis Ferdinand von Rayski - König Johann von Sachsen, 1870.jpg

Born in 1801 and dying in 1873, he reigned as the King of Saxony from 1854 until his death.  His full name:

John Nepomuk Maria Joseph Anthony Xavier Vincent Aloysius Francis de Paula Stanislaus Bernard Paul Felix Damasus

His children’s full names: (easier than listing them all separately)

  1. Maria Auguste Fredericka Karoline Ludovike Amalie Maximiliane Franziska Nepomucena Xaveria (b. Dresden, 22 January 1827 – d. Dresden, 8 October 1857), known as Maria.
  2. Frederick Augustus Albert Anton Ferdinand Joseph Karl Maria Baptist Nepomuk Wilhelm Xaver Georg Fidelis (b. Dresden, 23 April 1828 – d. Schloss Sibyllenort, 19 June 1902), King Albert of Saxony.
  3. Maria Elisabeth Maximiliana Ludovika Amalie Franziska Sophia Leopoldine Anna Baptista Xaveria Nepomucena (b. Dresden, 4 February 1830 – d. Stresa, 14 August 1912), known as Elisabeth; married firstly on 22 April 1850 to Ferdinando, Prince of Savoy and Sardinia and 1st Duke of Genoa, and secondly on 4 October 1856 to Niccolò, Marchese Rapallo.
  4. Frederick Augustus Ernst Ferdinand Wilhelm Ludwig Anton Nepomuk Maria Baptist Xaver Vincenz (b. Dresden, 5 April 1831 – d. Schloss Weesenstein, 12 May 1847), known as Ernst.
  5. Frederick Augustus Georg Ludwig Wilhelm Maximilian Karl Maria Nepomuk Baptist Xaver Cyriacus Romanus (b. Pillnitz, 8 August 1832 – d. Pillnitz, 15 October 1904), King Georg of Saxony (1902).
  6. Maria Sidonia Ludovica Mathilde Wilhelmine Auguste Xaveria Baptista Nepomucena Veronica Hyacinthia Deodata (b. Pillnitz, 16 August 1834 – d. Dresden, 1 March 1862), known as Sidonia.
  7. Anna Maria Maximiliane Stephania Karoline Johanna Luisa Xaveria Nepomucena Aloysia Benedicta, (b. Dresden, 4 January 1836 – d. Naples, 10 February 1859), known as Anna; married on 24 November 1856 to Ferdinand IV, Grand Duke of Tuscany.
  8. Margarete Karoline Fredericka Cecilie Auguste Amalie Josephine Elisabeth Maria Johanna (b. Dresden, 24 May 1840 – d. Monza, 15 September 1858), known as Margarete; married on 4 November 1856 to Archduke Carl Ludwig of Austria, her cousin.
  9. Sophie Maria Friederike Auguste Leopoldine Alexandrine Ernestine Albertine Elisabeth (b. Dresden, 15 March 1845 – d. Munich, 9 March 1867), known as Sophie; married on 11 February 1865 to Karl-Theodor, Duke in Bavaria, her cousin and brother of Empress Elisabeth of Austria.

Ferdinand, Duke of Parma

Ferdinando de Parma1.jpg

Born in 1751 and dying in 1802, he reigned as the Duke of Parma, Piacenza and Guastalla from 1765 until his death.  His full name:

Ferdinando Maria Filippo Lodovico Sebastiano Francesco Giacomo di Borbone,_Duke_of_Parma

Charles VI, II and III

Martin van Meytens (attrib.) - Porträt Kaiser Karl VI.jpg

Born in 1685 and dying in 1740, he reigned as the Holy Roman Emperor, the King of Bohemia, Hungary, Croatia and Serbia, and as the Archduke of Austria from 1711 until his death.  His full name:

Karl Franz Joseph Wenzel Balthasar Johann Anton Ignaz,_Holy_Roman_Emperor

John VI

Domingos Sequeira - D. João VI.jpg

Born in 1767 and dying in 1826, he reigned as the King of the United Kingdom of Portugal, Brazil and the Algraves from 1816 until 1822, and as the King of Portugal from 1822 until his death.  His full name:

João Maria José Francisco Xavier de Paula Luís António Domingos Rafael

Pedro I and IV

Half-length painted portrait of a brown-haired man with mustache and beard, wearing a uniform with gold epaulettes and the Order of the Golden Fleece on a red ribbon around his neck and a striped sash of office across his chest

Born in 1798 and dying in 1834, he reigned as the Emperor of Brazil from 1822 until 1831, and as the King of Portugal in 1826.  His full name:

Pedro de Alcântara Francisco António João Carlos Xavier de Paula Miguel Rafael Joaquim José Gonzaga Pascoal Cipriano Serafim

Pedro II

Half-length photographic portrait of an older man with white hair and beard dressed in a dark jacket and necktie

Born in 1825 and dying in 1891, he reigned as the Emperor of Brazil from 1831 until 1889.  His full name:

Pedro de Alcântara João Carlos Leopoldo Salvador Bibiano Francisco Xavier de Paula Leocádio Miguel Gabriel Rafael Gonzaga

Teresa Cristina of the Two Sicilies

Head and shoulders sepia photograph showing an older woman with gray hair and wearing a dark lace dress

Born in 1822 and dying in 1889, she was married to Emperor Pedro II of Brazil, and thus served as the Empress of Brazil from 1843 until 1889.  Her full name:

Teresa Cristina Maria Giuseppa Gaspare Baltassare Melchiore Gennara Francesca de Padova Donata Bonosa Andrea d’Avelino Rita Luitgarda Geltruda Venancia Taddea Spiridione Rocca Matilde

Afonso, Prince Imperial of Brazil

full-length oil portrait of the Prince Imperial as a blond-haired child in a white short frock and official blue sash worn over white pantaloons and holding a stick and hoop

Born in 1845 and dying in 1847, he was the oldest son of Emperor Pedro II of Brazil.  His full name:

Afonso Pedro de Alcântara Cristiano Leopoldo Filipe Eugênio Miguel Gabriel Rafael Gonzaga,_Prince_Imperial_of_Brazil

Pedro Afonso, Prince Imperial of Brazil

The empress on a settee surrounded by her children

Born in 1848 and dying in 1850, he was the youngest son of Emperor Pedro II of Brazil.  His full name:

Pedro Afonso Cristiano Leopoldo Eugênio Fernando Vicente Miguel Gabriel Rafael Gonzaga,_Prince_Imperial_of_Brazil

Maria II

Maria II 1852.png

Born in 1819 and dying in 1853, she reigned as the Queen of Portugal from 1826 until 1828, and again from 1834 until her death.  Her full name:

Maria da Glória Joana Carlota Leopoldina da Cruz Francisca Xavier de Paula Isidora Micaela Gabriela Rafaela Gonzaga

Pedro V


Born in 1837 and dying in 1861, he reigned as the King of Portugal from 1853 until his death.  His full name:

Pedro de Alcântara Maria Fernando Miguel Rafael Gonzaga Xavier João António Leopoldo Víctor Francisco de Assis Júlio Amélio de Bragança e Bourbon Saxe-Coburgo-Gotha

Luis I

D. Luís I fotografado por Augusto Bobone em 1885.png

Born in 1838 and dying in 1889, he reigned as the King of Portugal from 1861 until his death.  His full name:

Luís Filipe Maria Fernando Pedro de Alcântara António Miguel Rafael Gabriel Gonzaga Xavier Francisco de Assis João Augusto Júlio Valfando

Victor Emmanuel II


Born in 1820 and dying in 1878, he reigned as the last King of Sardinia from 1849 until 1861, and as the first King of Italy from 1861 until his death.  His full name:

Victor Emmanuel Mario Albert Eugene Ferdinand Thomas

Umberto I

Ritratto di Umberto I.jpg

Born in 1844 and dying in 1900, he reigned as the King of Italy from 1878 until his death.  His full name:

Umberto Ranieri Carlo Emanuele Giovanni Maria Ferdinando Eugenio di Savoia

Carlos I

King Carlos I of Portugal - National Portrait Gallery.png

Born in 1863 and dying in 1908, he reigned as the King of Portugal from 1889 until his death.  His full name:

Carlos Fernando Luís Maria Victor Miguel Rafael Gabriel Gonzaga Xavier Francisco de Assis José Simão

Luis II

SAR Luis Filipe.jpg

Born in 1887 and dying in 1908, he reigned as the King of Portugal for the last 20 minutes of his life.  His full name:

Luís Filipe Maria Carlos Amélio Fernando Víctor Manuel António Lourenço Miguel Rafael Gabriel Gonzaga Xavier Francisco de Assis Bento,_Prince_Royal_of_Portugal

Manuel II

SMF Manoel II.jpg

Born in 1889 and dying in 1932, he reigned as the last King of Portugal from 1908 until 1910.  His full name:

Manuel Maria Filipe Carlos Amélio Luís Miguel Rafael Gabriel Gonzaga Xavier Francisco de Assis Eugénio de Saxe-Coburgo-Gota e Bragança

Ferdinand IV, III and I

Mengs - Ferdinand IV of Naples, Royal Palace of Madrid.jpg

Born in 1751 and dying in 1825, he reigned as the King of Naples and Sicily from 1759 until 1816, and as the King of the Two Sicilies from 1816 until his death  His full name:

Ferdinando Antonio Pasquale Giovanni Nepomuceno Serafino Gennaro Benedetto di Borbone

Can you imagine being their parent, sternly calling them by their full name…

Oh, and let us not forget this poor, forgotten composer!

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