Parallel Universes (and Other Weird Tales)

If you’re a superhero fan (like myself), you’ve undoubtedly heard of the multiverse. It’s basically the belief that there are multiple parallel universes that may or may not be like our own, and is regularly employed in comic books (especially superhero ones – such as Marvel and DC).

But could it be real?

A popular opinion spread by physicists in recent years has been that it is real.  That ours is just one of potentially innumerable realities.

However, they have yet to prove it.  The most they can offer is circumstantial evidence that just doesn’t sell it for me – usually based on the assumption that the Big Bang is true (it’s not), or evidence that the universe is larger than we’ve observed (what’s new?); some even try to use it as a cop-out to get rid of God.  Yes, that’s right: they think that if there are multiple parallel realities of differing planes of existence, effectively separated by a spiritual barrier, it will prove there is no God/we don’t need a God.

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So, scientists are absolutely useless in telling us whether or not there’s a multiverse.  Religion isn’t much help, either: the Bible is entirely silent on whether or not there are parallel universes.  It only tells us what’s happened in ours (which is clearly meant to be our focus – this life.)

It is perfectly reasonable to assume that the Multiverse is nothing more than a plot device in sci-fi/fantasy.

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But… then there’s all the weird, paranormal eyewitness stories in circulation.  What about them?  Well, some suggest that there might just be a Multiverse.  How large or small, I don’t know, but it certainly appears to possibly exist.

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The first account I read that made me wonder about the possibility was the following, posted by Naomi on Time Slip Accounts:

Jack from Wellington submitted this story:

There was one [incident] that I recall that happened to a friend of a very close friend of mine, which resembles the parallel universe story above.

This lady and her stepdaughter were crossing a busy street with many lanes, and as they entered the final lane before reaching the other side, they realized they were going to be struck by a car. But instead of the car hitting them, they both wound up automatically on the other side of the road.

Then they appeared to have “hallucinated”, seeing themselves as though the vehicle had struck them. She can even describe the interior of the ambulance that she was transported in, and apparently later died in, even though she has never been in an ambulance before.

Both experienced this. She says she wakes up every day unsure if she’s living in a dream.

As I heard this story 15 years ago, it will not be 100 percent accurate. And it apparently happened another 20 years before I first heard it.

I’m usually a little skeptical but this has come from someone who is not an attention-seeker…

Then there’s the mysterious figure known as The Man from Taured, which is one of the strongest cases I know indicating possible alternative realities.  And he’s not the only one.

Man without a Country: Who Was The Mystery Man from Taured?


One of the most perplexing events of the 20th Century did not involve flying saucers, conspiracy theories, a criminal act, or even strange creature sightings. It took place on a seemingly normal day in one of the most tedious, mundane places one could imagine: Airport. Yet to this day, no one knows exactly what happened there, or why one average business traveler became the heart of an enigma largely forgotten by our modern world.

Haneda Airport, as it appeared in 1954, photographed by Rodney Stich.

The year 1954 was hotter than normal in Tokyo, but at Haneda Airport it was business as usual. That is, of course, until one unknown date when a routine European inbound plane dropped off its passengers. As the crowd made its way through customs, a neatly-dressed middle-aged Caucasian man stepped up and told officials this was just a normal business trip or him, one of three so far this year to Japan. His primary language was French, yet he spoke Japanese and several other languages. In his wallet was a variety of currencies from various European countries, as if to verify his frequent flyer tendencies.

When they asked him for his country of origin, things became strange. He casually stated that he was from Taured, on the border between France and Spain. The officials told him that Taured didn’t exist, but he presented them with his passport—issued by the nonexistent country of Taured—which also showed visa stamps corroborating his previous business travels to Japan and other countries. Yet when they called the company he said he was having a meeting with, they had never heard of him or his company ever before that moment. The hotel he had reserved a room at had no reservation for such a person, and the bank listed on his checkbook appeared not to exist.

Map of the country of Andorra, believed to be "Taured".

The bearded man scoffed; surely, this was some elaborate practical joke for his benefit. Customs officials showed him a world map and pointed to the tiny country of Andorra. Perhaps that was his real country of origin and somehow he was either mistaken or having his own little joke? The man became irate, saying that Andorra didn’t exist but it was right where Taured should be. His proud country had existed for a thousand years. Still in shock over his misplaced homeland, the mystery man was detained by customs and given a room at a nearby hotel for the night while officials tried to figure out what was going on.

The following morning, the mystery deepened. Taured’s one and only known resident completely vanished from his hotel room which had been guarded by immigration officials all night long. And to make matters worse, all of his personal documents—including his passport and drivers license issued by the mystery country—vanished from the airport’s security room. Police and airport officials searched in vain for the mysterious man. It was as if the whole encounter had never actually happened.

No documentation verifying this story has yet surfaced, but it was mentioned in several books, including The Directory of Possibilities (1981, p. 86) and Strange But True: Mysterious and Bizarre People (1999, p. 64). And given its puzzling ending, I doubt that any official would have written up a report concluding that the man and all his documented evidence simply vanished.


Surprisingly, misplaced travelers such as the business man from Taured have appeared on many occasions. In 1851, a man was found wandering Frankfurt an der Oder in northeast Germany who claimed he was from a country called Laxaria on the continent of Sakria. Another young man who spoke a completely unrecognizable language was caught stealing a loaf of bread in Paris in 1905; he said he was from Lizbia, which authorities assumed was Lisbon—or Lisboa in Portuguese, yet his language was not Portuguese nor did he recognize a map of Portugal as his homeland.

Is Taured out there somewhere? And what about Laxaria or Liziba? Did these men fall backward through time or pass through dimensions? Or were they simply perpetrating a hoax or mentally ill?

In the case of the man from Taured, assuming it happened, the fact that he disappeared without a trace under guard, 15 stories above a busy street suggests more than a simple hoax or mental illness.

Some more stories (not all of which involve multiple dimensions) (to avoid repetition, not everything on the list was copied):

2. Four girls took a wrong turn and found themselves driving in an entirely different, unknown environment.

Jimfeng / Getty Images

The ladies had been driving on black asphalt in the desert, but after taking a wrong turn, they said, they found themselves driving on white cement, surrounded by grain field and a lake. They spotted a building with a large, neon sign making up illegible, random squiggles, and as they pulled in for assistance, a large group of tall men poured out of the front door seeming shocked and upset, waving their arms at the girls. Then, the girls realized these “tall men” didn’t even appear to be human, so they freaked out and drove off.

While the girls were driving away, they noticed four peculiar, egg-shaped automobiles mounted on tricycle style-wheels were following them. They sped ahead until the mysterious vehicles were out of sight, and when they reached the canyon and drove all the way back through it, they’d somehow returned to the desert they were originally in, glad to be back, but unable to figure out the mysterious place they’d just gone, or how they arrived there.

Read the full story here: Before It’s News

3. The green-skinned children who simply just appeared here.


Back in the 12th century, two children, a brother and sister, allegedly popped up in the village of Woolpit, in Suffolk, England. Both had greenish-colored skin, spoke an unknown language, wore bizarre clothing, and initially refused to eat any food other than raw beans. They were taken in, cared for, and eventually they adapted, developing a taste for food and losing the green hue in their skin. Shortly after, the boy became sick and died, but after learning to speak English, the girl explained that she and her brother were from a place where the sun didn’t shine bright, and it was perpetually twilight. She and her brother were there, herding their dad’s cattle, when they heard some loud noise, and were suddenly in a new place where they were eventually discovered, in Woolpit. The girl grew up and integrated herself into her new surroundings. Though it remained unknown how she and her brother got there, the girl went on to get married and live her life here, in a dimension that might not actually be her place of origin.

Read the full story here: Wikipedia

4. The woman who woke up one morning with her life suddenly slightly altered.

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Lerina Garcia woke up one morning and noticed minor differences. Her sheets were unfamiliar, and the pajamas she was wearing were different from the ones she’d gone to sleep in. Her day got weirder when she went to work and discovered that her office was no longer hers, and she worked in the same building, but in a different department, under a boss she’d never met. Bamboozled, she returned home, only to find that her ex-boyfriend was there — only he wasn’t her ex, he was her current boyfriend. Her new lover, whom she’d been dating for months, was nowhere to be found. Lerina believes she woke here, but she’s from a parallel universe where the differences are as small as her bedspread, and as significant as her love life.

Read the full story here: Ghost Theory

5. The cabin in the Markawasi Stone Forest that leads to a parallel dimension.

Rodrigo_demartini / Getty Images

One day, a woman and her friends were camping at a site near the mysterious forest, when they heard music coming from a small, stone cabin that was lit up by torches. They claimed to see people wearing 17th-century fashion dancing inside, and the curious woman was drawn to it, so she headed over and tried to enter. Before she could get inside, a friend pulled her away, and half of her body immediately became paralyzed — the half that had entered the cabin.

Some believe that the woman partially entered a dimensional gateway, and when she was pulled out, she experienced a shift that threw off her nervous system, resulting in her partial paralyzation.

Read the full story here: UTAOT

6. The strange man who wound up shipwrecked in Germany from an unknown world.

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So this story goes, a peculiar guy popped up in a village, where he was picked up and questioned by authorities. The only comprehensible language he spoke was a broken variation of German, but he said his name was Jophar Vorin, and claimed to come from a part of the world known as Sakria. He conveyed that he was searching for his long-lost brother, whom he’d been separated from during a shipwreck. While he had geographical information regarding his home planet, such as five compartments known as Sakria, Aflar, Aslar, Auslar, and Euplar, he couldn’t trace his route on shore, and he would wind up living in Berlin, where he was a topic of discussion amongst the scientific, and simply curious, communities.

Read the full story here: Unsolved Mysteries of the World

7. The man who was teleported to a parallel universe while driving.

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In November 1986, a man named Pedro Oliva Ramirez was driving from Seville to a town called Alcalá de Guadaíra, when he went around a curve and allegedly found himself on a six-lane highway. He continued driving down this straight road, seeing unfamiliar things like 20-story housing units, unidentified structures, and grass about 2 feet high along the edge of the road.

Shortly thereafter, he felt a hot sensation within his vehicle and heard distant voices, one of which stood out, informing him that he’d been transferred to another country in a different hemisphere. He continued driving on the highway for an hour, then stopped to examine the unfamiliar roadside area. After getting back in his car and continuing his drive, he spotted a sign pointing in three different directions. One was labeled “Malaga,” the other was “Sevilla,” and the last was “Alcabala.”

Pedro took the “Sevilla” detour, and without fully knowing why, he stopped driving. When he looked to his left, he was standing outside of his home in Alcalá de Guadaíra. Frustrated and confused, he tried to retrace his steps, but could never find the crossroads, or the triple road sign.

Read the full story here: Before It’s News

8. The universe in which the Beatles never broke up.

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In 2009, a man named James Richards was in Livermore California driving home from Turlock with his dog. He claims that when he pulled over to let the pup empty her bladder, she sprinted after a rabbit, and he followed after her, but tripped, knocking himself unconscious. When James came to, he was next to an odd machine, in the company of a man named Jonas who claimed to have found his unconscious body while on a work trip for an interdimensional travel agency.

While they were together, Jonas and Richards wound up chatting about the pop culture in their respective universes, and discovered that not only did the Beatles also exist in this dimension, but they were all still alive and actively making music. Richards acquired a cassette tape labeled “Everyday Chemistry,” which contained Beatles songs that never existed in our dimension. He even uploaded the songs to a website, and called it

9. The woman who may have visited a different dimension’s darker version of her childhood town.

Grandfailure / Getty Images

A woman named Carol Chase McElheney was driving in San Bernardino, towards Perris, California, when saw a road sign for Riverside nearby. Since that’s where she and her family’s roots were, she wanted to visit the familiar place, but when she arrived at the street she’d grown up on, she claimed she couldn’t find her old place, and all of the houses looked different. She decided to drive to the street her grandmother used to live on, but discovered that it was altered as well. When she tried to visit the cemetery where her grandparents were buried, it wasn’t there, and the lot was fenced up and full of overgrown weeds.

Already baffled, Carol pulled onto University Avenue, a place where you’d normally find restaurants, hotels, and other businesses, but it was an unkempt, graffiti-covered area, and something about the people there frightened her. She was afraid to get out of her car, feeling that if she interacted with the people there, she’d forever be stuck there. After a couple more frustrating hours not recognizing things, she returned to Perris.

A few years later, Carol’s father died and was to be buried in the same cemetery as her grandparents. When she arrived, everything was back to the way she’d remembered it growing up. Carol believes she visited a parallel dimension with an ill-fated version of Riverside.

Read the full story here: Mysterious Universe

A fuller account of the last example can be found here:
A fuller account of Lerina Garcia’s experience:

On July 16th, 2008 a woman by the name of Lerina Garcia Gordo posted a comment in an online forum asking for help. The 41 year-old Spanish woman claimed to have woken up in a parallel universe. A world not-unlike the one she had left before going to sleep. However small inconsistencies in various aspects of her life began to convince her that she was in fact, living in an alternate reality.

This is the story of Lerina Garcia Gordo, the woman who claims to be from a parallel universe.


BED-SHEETSOn the morning of July 16th, Lerina awoke to find that her bedsheets were of a different color. She was confused and disturbed at the fact that they were of a  completely different set. It wasn’t just the colors that were different. Not being able to come up with a rational explanation, Lerina decided to get ready and head to her office job. A job that she had been employed for the past 20 or so years.

Her car was in the same spot she had left it the night prior. She got in and drove off, commuting down the same path she had grown accustomed to since moving into her apartment seven years ago. Besides the bed sheets, everything else seemed normal for Lerina. That is until she arrived at her office. Inside the office building there were a few strange people she had not met before but that didn’t raise any flags. Lerina walked towards her own office only to discover that there was a different name tag on her office door. It wasn’t her name.

She then thought that maybe she had gotten off on the wrong floor of the building however a quick look revealed that she was on the right one. She had gone to the right office, it was just that her name had been replaced.

Lerina was confused. Had she gotten fired and no one told her? After 20 years of faithful work, this is how they let her know?

She took out her laptop and connected to the company’s wireless network. There she found that she was still on the company’s roster however it showed that she was under a different manager, in a totally different department. Her head was in a tailspin.

She immediately checked her credit cards, driver’s license, and work ID. They all reflected the right information as far as she knew. Same name, same picture, same numbers, and same home address. Not knowing what to think, she called her job and told her she was taking a sick day. The inconsistencies that morning made her think that something was wrong medically with her.

She took the rest of the day off and headed straight to the doctor’s office. There they ran test on her, checking for signs of any illicit drugs in her system. The tests came back negative. She had no alcohol or drugs in her system.

Lerina went back home and began going through her personal files. Bank statements, personal checks, bills….she double checked them all. They all showed the right information. So a thought popped into her head.  ‘What if this is amnesia? What if something happened to me and I can’t remember parts of my life?’

Immediately she logged online and began scouring the internet. She saw that the news and top stories were the same as the previous night, so there were no missing days. As far as Lerina knew, she had woken up living a slightly different life.

It had been six months since Lerina had left her boyfriend of seven  years. She had recently started dating a man (Agustin) that lived down the street from her. They had been dating for only four months, however she knew him quite well. When she called her new boyfriend’s number, someone else picked up. They told Lerina that there was no one with the name Agustin, or that matched her description  living in that house.

The news shocked her as she had spent the last four months getting to know the guy. She had even met his son and had started to Spain-Sevilladevelop a relationship with him as well. But now, there were no signs of her boyfriend and his son at all. As the day passed, she found more and more inconsistencies. She had no choice but to go into work the next day and pretend that she belonged.

Still, Lerina called and called but no one had heard of Agustin or his son. It was as if they never existed. That’s when she learned that she had never left her ex boyfriend. That they had been together since seven years ago and there was no sign of them having ever separated.

Lerina didn’t know what to think. What had happened to the life she knew? What had happened to her career? Had she hallucinated it all?

The one thing she thought was that maybe she had a nervous breakdown at one point. Severe enough to implant false memories into her head, or at least that’s what she thought when she visited a psychiatric clinic. However tests concluded that she was of healthy body and healthy mind. The doctors told her that maybe she was under a lot of stress and could have hallucinated it all. An explanation she had thought about but knew wasn’t true.  She set out to look for her boyfriend Agustin, but came back empty handed. A hired investigator concluded that there were no signs of Agustin or his son in that city.

Her own family thought that Lerina was going insane when she asked about her younger sister’s shoulder operation. They looked at her with confusion as Lerina insisted that her sister had recently had surgery on her shoulder. A claim that no one in her family could back up. As far as her family knew, there had been no surgeries done to any member of the family.

Days, weeks, and months passed as Lerina began to discover small but unnerving differences in her life. Clothing in her drawers and closets that she didn’t remember buying, blog posts she had made weeks, even days before, were gone. Emails and chats were no longer archived in her computer. However browsing through news sites and blogs, the world appeared to be the same. Just like she had remembered before going to bed that July night.

As the months passed and no answers could be found, Lerina became convinced that she had simply just gone to bed one night and awoke in a parallel universe. A world in which her life had been altered by small decisions of her past.

Having sought medical attention Lerina knew that no one would believe her ordeal. So she did what anyone in her position would do: Make a post in an online forum about her ordeal and ask for help.

Translated from Spanish:

Please, if anyone has gone through something similar, please contact me. I want to know what happened to me, as no pathology can tell me what has happened to me. I’ve spent the last five months reading theories that I find online and I’m convinced that I have jumped into an alternate reality. Something, some action I must have taken has changed my reality.

If I did jump into a parallel universe, then why am I living in the same year? I’m the same person, just minor differences in life.

To explain myself better, this is like having lost the last 5 months of my life. It’s like they were all just a dream, however everyone else has the memories of those 5 months except for me. And I’ve done things during that time that I have no memory of doing so.

Please, abstain from making jokes or telling me that you have “the truth”. This is very serious to me.

Thank you:

Lerina’s original post

What happened to Lerina Garcia Gordo? Did she suffer from a medical condition that made her believe she lived in an alternate world? Did she actually wake up in a different universe?

With some tales of travel to parallel dimensions it seems the shift is via a doorway to some past or future version of our reality. Take the a case brought forward in 1988 in a spring issue of Strange Magazine, wherein two men seem to have temporarily shifted into some parallel, alternate version of the past. A man known only as L.C. was with an associate in the town of Abbeville, Louisiana and the two purportedly began to take a drive along Highway 167 towards Lafayette on October 20, 1969. For most of the drive they passed no other cars, with the road remaining incredibly empty and calm, and then ahead of them they suddenly spied a rather old-fashioned looking car chugging along. As they drew closer, they realized that it was a vintage, turtle-back vehicle that seemed to be in pristine condition, and as they went to pass it they noticed that the car’s license plate clearly had “1940” printed upon it.

This was strange to be sure, but things would get only weirder. As they passed the vehicle, they noticed that the driver was a young woman wearing what appeared to be rather old-fashioned clothes, in just as old a style only just as new looking as the car she was driving, along with a young child in the passenger seat. Although the day was rather warm, both were dressed for cold weather, which struck L.C. and his companion as a bit odd. As they looked on, they could see that the woman seemed to be in a state of distress, looking back and forth as if something urgent was going on or in some sort of panic.

This apparent frantic desperation was so intense that L.C. apparently actually called out to the woman to ask if she needed any help, to which she responded with a nod. He gestured for her to pull over, which she did, and L.C.’s car came to a stop in front of her, but when they looked back the vehicle that had just been there was gone as if it had never been there at all. To make it all even weirder, another car that had been on the road also pulled over and the driver expressed surprise that the old car that had been in front of him the whole time was no longer there. According to this driver, he had seen the whole thing and watched as the old, vintage car had just seemingly dematerialized into thin air.

Now knowing that it was not all in their heads, L.C., his companion, and the other driver took a look around for the other vehicle but there was no sign of where it could have possibly gone, no tire tracks moving away, nothing. The trio considered calling the police, but possibly rightly assumed that no one would ever believe them, and they ultimately kept it to themselves. The three would apparently keep in touch with each other for several years, but were never able to figure out what they had seen. Did these men get a glimpse of some other alternate dimension in the form of the past? Indeed, was the woman in such distress because she had found herself in some strange place she did not recognize? We may never know.


Other more recent accounts from the 2000s are just as weird. According to one online account, a poster calling himself “paddjo95” related how he and his younger brother had one day ventured out to go exploring around the woods surrounding their isolated, rural home in southern Arkansas. They headed down the road that led to their house trying to find some new path or trail that they could explore, but what they eventually found surprised them. As they walked along, they came across a brand new looking paved road, looking decidedly out of place and something they would have surely noticed before after living in the area for 12 years. They explained it away by speculating that it must have been built rather recently, although nobody had seen any road work being done.

Curious, the two brothers set out along this strange road and things would only get more bizarre. According to the witness, as soon as they set foot on the road the air became noticeably colder, and additionally the road was lined by unusual, thick red trees similar to redwood trees, which were of a type they had never seen before. They supposedly walked several miles along the road and then decided to head back, noting that the air immediately became warmer again as soon as they stepped off it. As it was getting dark, they decided to come back and explore this odd road again the next day, but when they returned the following afternoon they could find no sign of the road or those weird trees they had seen. They reportedly scoured the area for hours but it was as if the road and its trees had never existed at all. On top of this, their parents denied that any road work had been done in the area and insisted there were no paved roads anywhere near them. Had that road they found been one into another reality that had temporarily brushed up against our own?

Another poster on “reddit r/paranormal” claimed that one day at around dusk he had gone off to get something to eat at the nearby McDonald’s, taking his car and his dog along for the ride. As they drove, the witness claimed that the streetlights they passed would flicker out as they approached, only to blink back on as they passed. This was quite strange enough, but things would get very odd when they reached the last turn out of their neighborhood. At this point the witness said:

I felt a wave of… something… pour over me. I heard my dog whimper. I looked back at her and she had ducked back into the middle of the back seat, tail between her legs, with her fur sticking straight out. It felt like I went through a thick sheet of static electricity, honestly, and I began hearing a loud feedback noise inside my head, and the world got blurry. This went on for a few seconds before it cleared up.

At this point the car also stalled, but luckily kicked back to life when it was restarted, and the witness drove on. When they were on the main road it was noticed that the streetlights looked dramatically different from the way they always had, and the lights that were usually on the meridian had been replaced by trees. He drove on through this surreal scene and finally made it to the McDonald’s, which was more or less where it had always been, but oddly in a different building. Along the way other oddities had popped up as well, such as models of cars he had never seen before with logos from companies that didn’t exist, yet with normal looking license plates. By this time the witness was starting to get unsettled indeed, but nevertheless continued on to the drive-thru, where things would continue to spiral further into the weird.

The items on the menu were significantly more expensive than usual, and when the witness went to pay with his credit card as usual he was told that it wasn’t accepted there. The clerk had then handed him a device that was described as looking like “my dad’s blood pressure monitor,” which he was apparently supposed to put his finger into. Wary of doing so, he decided to pay in cash, but the clerk examined the bill for awhile and finally accepted it without giving any change or receipt, just an odd piece of paper citing the balance. When asked why there was no change, the clerk casually said that they had no cash and only could give cash vouchers. Getting the food itself would prove to be the most bizarre of all, as the worker began to behave very strangely while handing it over. The witness explained:

His face and body motions were moving and resetting like when you tilt an N64 game slightly out of the console. I didn’t have time to be terrified during the moment, because as this happened, I felt the wave of electricity come over me again. Just like last time I heard my dog whimper, and when I looked back she was crouched in the back, her fur extended. And just like last time, I heard a loud feedback noise in my head. My eyes took a second to adjust, but when the world came into focus, I saw that I was in a parking lot. I recognized everything. This was the parking lot in which the McDonald’s I’m used to is placed. And sure enough, the McDonald’s was visible in my rear-view mirror at its usual location. I have no clue what happened, honestly.

What in the world happened here? Did this man somehow pass briefly into another parallel dimension to order dinner at some alternate reality McDonald’s? Whether the account is true or not, it is still very odd indeed. Interestingly, there has been much speculation done on the existence of these alternate versions of our reality, and theories on the existence of such realms have been floating around since 1954, when a doctoral candidate at Princeton University by the name of Hugh Everett first popularized the idea that there was a potentially infinite number of different versions of or reality layered on top of each other, of which ours is only one.

More strange stories:

In the September, 1956 issue of Fate Magazine there was the curious story of a woman who apparently shifted into another parallel universe in 1934. According to the report, in the fall of that year a woman by the name of Miriam Golding had a profoundly unusual experience while riding an elevator with her fiancee in Chicago. The elevator was crowded, and when Miriam made a mistake and got off at the wrong floor she found that she could not push her way back in past the throng of people and resigned herself to waiting for the next one. That was when she looked around and was startled to realize that she was no longer in the store at all, but rather an expansive train station.


The enormous railway station she found herself in was allegedly bustling with fevered activity, with throngs of travelers rushing to their trains and booming announcements of arrivals and departures echoing through the air. There seemed to be no way this busy place could have any connection whatsoever to the music store she had been in moments before. The confused Miriam made her way to an information booth to ask where she was, but found that the woman working there completely ignored her, as if she weren’t there at all. Perplexed, Miriam followed a series of signs pointing the way to the street outside, and she emerged out into a mild,  sunny afternoon that seemed to be in the midst of summer rather than fall, in a place that was most certainly not Chicago.

She wandered about in confusion and noticed that everyone around her seemed to completely ignore her and walk on by as if they did not even see her. At some point she claims that she saw a confused looking boy standing in the sidewalk similarly being passed on by people who seemed to have no idea he was even there, and Miriam approached him wondering what was going on. The boy was able to actually see and respond to her, and looked in her direction, the first time anyone had acknowledged her presence in this strange, surreal place. As she approached, the boy seemed equally relieved that he was visible to Miriam, smiled slightly and purportedly saying: “I guess they let you off at the wrong stop, too.”

The two lost people walked together down the street in confusion, the whole time completely ignored by those around them, and the boy told Miriam of what had happened to him. He claimed that he had been playing tennis in Lincoln, Nebraska, in the United States, and had gone to the locker room to change his shoes. When he had gone back to the courts to play some more he had found that the tennis courts that had been there moments before were now gone and in their place was a huge train terminal, which had turned out to be the exact same station into which Miriam had enigmatically entered from the elevator.


The two allegedly kept on walking until they reached an open area that led to water, and over the waves they could apparently make out a sand bar with several women upon it chatting and seeming to act as if nothing was beyond the ordinary. To Miriam’s astonishment, one of the women was oddly her fiancee’s sister. The women out on the sandbar seemed to notice them and began waving and shouting to Miriam and her companion. This encouraged the boy to try and make a swim out to the sandbar, which did not seem so far and which he was confident he could reach. Yet even though he was a good swimmer it seemed that no matter how much he tried and pushed against the waves, he was unable to draw any closer to the mysterious sandbar and he returned to shore in frustration. It was then that the sandbar supposedly suddenly vanished into thin air.

Miriam closed her eyes in exasperation, disappointment, and exhaustion, and then was overcome by the sensation of floating through space. After some time of this odd feeling of hovering in darkness she claimed that she suddenly opened her eyes to find herself sitting atop a stool in the music store in Chicago, which seemed to be in the process of closing for the night, suggesting that she had been there for at least several hours. Disoriented, Miriam looked around for her fiancee but could not find him and decided to head back to his home. When she arrived, her fiancee was noticeably relieved and explained that he had lost her in the store and had waited for her to come to the right floor for a few hours before deciding to go back home. Bizarrely, the fiancee’s sister, whom Miriam had seen on the mysterious sandbar earlier, claimed that she had seen Miriam in town and had even called out to her, but that she had been too absorbed in talking to a young boy to notice her. Where did Miriam go during that time? Why should she see her fiancee’s sister on a sandbar while the sister had seen her in town, all while they could not reach across to communicate? Were they separated by strange barriers we do not and may not ever understand? It is a mystery.

Another strange article in the April, 1959 issue of Fate Magazine tells of the weird experience of a Frances E. Peterson of Keokuk, Iowa, who in 1935 was traveling home with her husband and four children from a weekend trip to Missouri. On the way they noticed what looked like a quaint, scenic detour in the area of St. Patrick and they whimsically took it, driving along the rustic, quiet scenery until they reached the rim of an expansive valley. In addition to the picturesque scenery was the rather odd sight of several women in old-fashioned sun bonnets and long skirts and aprons busily pulling water from a well into simple wooden buckets and carrying them off on wooden poles balanced across their shoulders. There were men here as well, who all had beards and wore similarly old-fashioned clothes such as smocks and large black hats, and who were tending flocks of sheep and goats or collecting firewood. Enamored with the quaint, charming scene, they later asked locals what the settlement was, yet were told that no such place had ever existed. Convinced that it did indeed exist, Peterson and her husband returned to the area several times afterwards, but could find no sign of the valley they had seen or its unusual inhabitants, suggesting that either the family or the place they had visited had been temporarily transported over some little understood thin spot between realities.


In another similarly strange road story from 1962, a Mr. R. W. Balcom and his wife were driving to Lake Tahoe from their home in Live Oak, California. The couple stopped at a quaint restaurant nestled away off of Highway 50 a few miles from Placerville. They had never noticed the restaurant there before in all of their years of traveling along the same route, even though it seemed from its weathered, rustic look to have been there for years, and they decided to stop there for a bite to eat. The food was described as being surprisingly good and the service was cordial and friendly, so they decided that they would visit again. On their return trip from Lake Tahoe they attempted to seek out the charming little restaurant to eat there again, but when they arrived at the location it was reportedly gone as if it had never been there at all. Perplexed, the couple supposedly spent three more weekends traveling through the area in an effort to find the restaurant that they were convinced was there, but never found it again. Did Balcom and his wife travel to a parallel universe for lunch? No one knows.

An intriguing case of a mysterious doorway to another dimension and perhaps even through time itself occurred in 1956, when a treasure hunter by the name of Ron Quinn ventured with his brother Chuck and some friends into the remote and rugged mountains of Southeastern Arizona looking for mysterious lost Spanish treasures and gold mines. The case begins with high strangeness and only gets more bizarre as it goes on. Three weeks into their adventure, the treasure hunters set up camp one night, and that evening they were surprised to see two large balls of bluish green light floating about in the darkened, starry sky. The bewildered campers determined that these were not flares of any kind, nor any sort of known aircraft. The weird balls of light hovered about for several minutes before vanishing behind some mountain peaks. The next evening, the same phenomenon was witnessed again. When they mentioned the strange lights to a local cowboy named Louie Romero, he informed them that the unexplained lights were a recurring phenomenon in the area, and had been seen as far back as 1939. The group would spot the strange lights several more times over the course of their excursion.

Ron and Chuck Quinn

At one point during their travels, the group passed by what looked like a stone archway, which stood out as something of an anomaly upon the landscape, looking decidedly out of place, yet they didn’t think much of it until later, when they spoke to a Native local named John, who claimed that the archway had long been surrounded by strange stories and rumors that anyone who entered the doorway never came out, and that objects thrown in would not emerge from the other side, earning the structure the name “Doorway of the Gods.” There were also stories of the archway shimmering, and of strange figures lurking around it dressed in old fashioned clothing that did not seem to be ghosts, as they disturbed the gravel where they stepped and cast shadows, yet they would suddenly vanish. There were also tales of camps near the archway that had been mysteriously abandoned and of prospectors who had never returned from the area. John relayed his own tale of strangeness concerning the archway, claiming that one dark and stormy day he had visited it and peered through it to see that, although the scenery was the same, the sky was oddly clear and blue on the other side. When he looked around the edge of the doorway, the clouds were once again dark and thick, hanging menacingly over the scene, and the bizarre sight with its contrasting views frightened him.

Enthralled with these odd stories, Quinn and his group went back through the perilous rocky terrain to find the mysterious archway and investigate it. They managed to locate the strange looking structure once again, and upon closer inspection it proved to be surrounded with an unusually large deposit of geodes, some of which were broken open with their interiors glittering in the sun. The archway itself was measured as being around 7 feet high and 5 feet wide, with columns of andesite 15 inches diameter and it stood beside a steep, rocky slope. After checking it out, the team went to work testing out the weird stories by throwing various rocks through the opening, but the rocks all mundanely fell to the ground on the other side and there was no sign of anything remotely mysterious whatsoever. Increasingly skeptical, some of the members of the team boldly put their arms through without incident, although no one was willing to try stepping all the way through. After around an hour of this, they departed no closer to understanding the supposed mystery of this location. However, a weird series of events would unfold in the coming days that would make them think that something strange was going on.

Chuck Quinn with some of the geodes from the site

One day as they were checking out the portal yet again and collect some of the geodes, Roy and another member of the team, Walt, noticed that the stone portal seemed to be shimmering as if simmering in intense heat, even though it was a cold January day. The odd shimmering allegedly lasted a few minutes, during which time both men claimed that they could feel a building pressure within their ears, before the shimmering and the weird physical sensation slowly ebbed away. The inexplicable event spooked both of them, especially Roy, who vowed never to go anywhere near the archway again. On another occasion, the group came across another group of three treasure hunters who claimed that they had also camped out near the mysterious stone portal. The group claimed that that evening their camp had been hit by what sounded like rain hitting their tents, even though it was a clear night. Looking out of their tents, they were met with the sight of small, reddish brown pebbles around the size of a pea falling in great numbers from above. The pebbles were found to be warm to the touch and there was no explanation for where they came from. They had seemed to be made of some king of iron ore.

All of these escalating odd occurrences would point to something decidedly strange going on at the archway, but the most bizarre incident would happen years after the expedition was over. Four years after that fateful treasure hunt, on October 14, 1973, Chuck Quinn was compelled to make a personal trip to the site of the stone portal that had eluded their understanding, and arrived at the canyon that led up to the slopes that would lead up to the site. Chuck went about climbing up the steep, rocky slopes towards the archway, stopping for a breather about halfway up the harrowing climb. It was here as he looked out west over the majestic scenery all around him that he noticed that there was a canyon that should not have been there. Baffled, he made his way back down the slope to enter from the east, and it was here that he realized that in fact he was in the same canyon he had been in before, only he had somehow been transported 250 yards down the canyon he had hiked along, and to another slope that was facing south rather than west. The strange event convinced him that indeed there was something strange going on here, and hastily left the scene. Was this some sort of doorway to another dimension or merely tall tales?


One wonders if perhaps some of the more bizarre vanishings and reappearances of people also have some form of interdimensional shift at their core. At about 7:00 P.M. on August 15, 1960, 6-year-old Kathy Cramer, of Wood’s Hole, Massachusetts simply vanished from her room in her home. Her parents had checked on her when she was sleeping one minute, and the next she was gone without a trace. When authorities arrived the house was searched top to bottom, and no signs of forced entry or a struggle could be found. Cathy’s bed seemed to be in a peaceful state, with no sign of being disturbed in any kind of confrontation. The window to the room was also closed and showed no signs of anyone coming in or going out that way.

An intensive search was immediately launched, composed of hundreds of people including police, firemen, volunteers, airmen from nearby Otis Air Force Base, and bloodhounds, as well as the Coast Guard scouring the nearby coast, yet absolutely no evidence of the missing girl could be found anywhere. She had simply vanished off the face of the earth. Then later, at 3AM on that same evening, Cathy’s very worried parents went into to her room to be startled by the sight of their missing daughter sleeping peacefully in her bed as if she had never been gone. When she was asked about where she had been, the girl gave the cryptic response of “I’m not telling.” What in the world happened to this little girl? How could a 6-year-old disappear from her bed, elude an intensive search by various professionals, and then reappear fast asleep exactly where she had vanished? Is this also perhaps an example of someone crossing through the veil between realities to pass temporarily into some parallel world or dimension? The only person who knows the answer to that is Cathy Cramer herself, and she’s not telling.

Even more:

On November 9, 1986, at around 11PM at night, a car was driving along a rural road on its way from Seville, Spain on its way to the town of Alcala de Guadaira. Within this car was a man named Pedro Oliva Ramirez, who was on his way home from a business trip. He knew this road well, even in the dark, and may have perhaps been lost to his own thoughts as the monotonous landscape blurred by in the night, yet he would encounter something that was to startle him awake into the now. As he turned a bend in the road, he claims that the narrow, two-lane road had suddenly become a wide, 6-lane spacious boulevard which he had never seen before. Ramirez was positive that he had not taken a wrong turn somewhere, and he was equally sure that what he saw around him should not have existed in the state he knew the area to be in.


Along the inexplicably broad highway he’d found himself on was thin and very tall green grass that had never been there before, as well as buildings that looked like small houses and apartment buildings about 20 stories in height scattered about, which was odd considering he had never seen such structures there before in all of his times traveling through the area. Out in the distance he claimed he could make out sprawling factories of some sort covered with shimmering lights that loomed upon the landscape like some sort of alien creatures, and again he was sure those had never been there before. As he tried to get his head around what he was seeing, Ramirez began to notice that there was a strange heat welling up around him, eating into him, and that he could hear a din of voices echoing out from the distance. One of these voices allegedly reached out through the cacophony and clearly explained to him that he had been transported to another dimension.

Becoming steadily unsettled by the whole ordeal, Ramirez then began to notice that there were other cars on the road whizzing by him, which he described as being old fashioned white or beige Cadillacs with license plates that were wholly different than were typically issued in Spain, being merely narrow, dark rectangles. Ramirez continued his drive onwards, and occasionally stopped the car to take a look around, but everything seemed somehow alien and unfamiliar, with that odd high grass seeming to dominate the landscape as far as he could see. He eventually came to a sign designating the way to the towns of Alkabala, Malaga and Seville, and he turned off to follow the road leading there. After some time driving along the road in confusion, he was allegedly met with the sight of his very own home in the town of Alcala de Guadeyra, looking precisely the way he had left it.

According to his clock he had been on the road for more than 3 hours and had used way more gas than he should have for what should have been a mere 30-minute drive under normal circumstances. Ramirez would go back and try to find the route that had taken him home, to no avail. Neither could he relocate the expansive 6-lane highway he had travelled along nor any sign of the outdated Cadillacs that had been everywhere during his strange journey. Indeed, a look at maps confirmed what he had suspected from the beginning, that no such broad highway had ever existed in the area. Did Pedro Oliva Ramirez somehow pass into another dimension during his bizarre drive home? We may never know.


Some cases of supposed inter-dimensional travel are almost surreal and dreamlike in their sheer bizarreness. One man known only as Michael had just such an experience while driving from the Australian Capital Territory to New South Wales, in Australia. He was traveling along a series of roads that cut through rugged territory that alternates between thick forests and scattered remote plains, on a route that should have taken him to his destination in around 2 or 3 hours. As he drove, watching plains give way to forests which would melt back into plains again, Michael claims he began to get the distinct feeling that he had been driving far longer than 3 hours, and he stopped the car to take a rest and look around. It was a mild, clear night, and at the time nothing seemed to be particularly out of place, but things would take a turn for the weird quite quickly.


It started when he looked up at the moon and noticed that it seemed far lower and brighter than it should have been. Amazed by this perplexing phenomenon, he went out to search for a field where he could get a better look at this strange, bight moon. After trudging through underbrush, he came to an open field that looked as if it had recently been plowed, and when he looked up to see the moon again he says it became evident that it was not the moon at all, but rather a blindingly bright spotlight, so bright in fact that he had to put his hands up to shield his eyes from its intensity. Then, he was suddenly immersed in darkness as the spotlight cut off, only to be bathed in light again as another spotlight switched on facing from another direction. Illuminated within the spotlight’s beam, Michael claims that he could see the form of what looked to be a scarecrow, which seemed to be moving, either from the wind or some power of its own.

Unsettled, Michael hurried back to his car and started the engine. Before leaving, he took one more look back at where the spotlight had been only to find it was not there anymore and yet the whole field was awash in light as if being illuminated by it. More bizarrely, there was no sign of the trees and brush he had had to slog through to reach the field, and the field was there in the open in full view. As the startled Michael looked on, he claims that the light of the field began to shrink and contract until it became a bright beam focused on what appeared to be a man standing in the center of the field. In the man’s hand was a gun, and every time Michael moved, the stranger moved the gun up little by little until it was pointing at his own head, as if he planned to shoot himself. In reaction to this, Michael froze, not knowing what to do next.

This went on for a time, both him and the stranger frozen there, but as Michael grew tired, his hands and legs began to shake, which prompted the mysterious stranger to inexorably move the gun up until it was aimed squarely at his own head. It was then that the strange man began to cry, and even though he was far away, Michael could make out what appeared to be cuts on his body that oddly did not bleed. As he cried, the man raised his other hand and pointed to his left before pronouncing in an ear piercing wail: “THERE!” At this point the gun went off and Michael threw his hands up to block the macabre sight. When he pulled his hands away to look, he realized that he was in his car and that the car had somehow been teleported to the center of the field, and there was no sign of the stranger who had been standing there. Disoriented and confused, Michael drove off.


Curious about the bizarre, dream-like incident, Michael returned to the spot a few days later in the daytime. When he arrived he found the field, but it was once again ringed by forest. He ventured out into the spot where he remembered seeing the stranger, and looked out to where he had been pointing. As he looked out into the distance he claimed that he could see a house, and through the window of the house he could make out the form of a man who for some inexplicable reason was upside down. Michael claims that he sped home at “a million miles an hour” and never took that route again. It is hard to wrap one’s head around this case. Is this an example of traveling to another dimension or just a particularly potent and bizarre hallucination? Just what in the world does any of this mean? It is a case wrapped in true oddness for sure.

Roads seem to have a way of leading to places other than one’s intended destination, and another case of someone seemingly driving into another dimension is the ordeal of four University students who were on their way back to Southern Utah University after seeing a rodeo in 1972. At around 10PM, they approached the state line of Utah and Nevada, surrounded by desert badlands, and took a fork in the road that led them through a place called Gadianton Canyon. As they drove, they claim that the road suddenly and mysteriously transformed from black asphalt to white cement, and they turned to go back the other way. After turning around, they then found themselves driving through pine trees and grassy fields, with no sign of the parched desert in sight.

Confused and not knowing where they were, the girls decided to stop and ask for directions at what seemed to be some sort of lone tavern by the side of the road. As they pulled up to the establishment, one of the girls started screaming in a panic and when the others looked to see what had upset her they were met with the strange sight of what looked like four egg-shaped craft that seemed to be mounted on wheels and which had beams of light emanating from them. As the frightened young women sped away, the weird vehicles allegedly began speeding after them, their purpose unknown. Careening along the road with the odd vehicles in hot pursuit, the white concrete is then said to have slowly become asphalt again and the trees and grassland gave way once more to desert scrubland.


In their desperate rush to escape, the women wandered off the road, lost control and crashed into a dry creek bed, after which they made their way back to the side of the highway and were helped by a state trooper who did not know what to make of the outlandish tale the four excited and very scared young women told him. Oddly, it was found that although their truck was found around 2 miles from the highway, the tire tracks abruptly stopped after only 600 feet, making it unclear how they could have travelled that distance without leaving any tracks at all or sign that their truck has passed through. The fairly new truck was also missing a hubcap that had been knocked off and could not be located anywhere. Did these four young women somehow travel through the boundary between worlds and end up in another dimension, or is all just a strange tall tale?


All we know for certain is that a number of weird, paranormal, and supernatural things have occurred and do occur.  However, some of these suggest that some sort of Multiverse could indeed exist – which puts a whole new perspective on several things.

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(P.S. Tomorrow I’ll be going to see Frozen II; that day is also one of my brothers’ birthdays.)

23 thoughts on “Parallel Universes (and Other Weird Tales)

    1. Thanks! It was quite interesting to research, and I must admit I find the idea kinda cool – but also kinda freaky.
      I’ve recently been catching up o Pirates of the Caribbean – I saw At World’s End the day before yesterday, and On Stranger Tides (my new favourite!) yesterday – so half the fun in this post was finding appropriate POTC gifs.

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  1. Good God, what a long post.

    The first story sounds a lot like translocation. If the two people had a soul plan to be hit by the vehicle and spontaneously translocated, that would account for the “hallucination” of the ambulance ride and/or death. At one time, all humans could translocate but, we lost the ability, roughly, 20,000 years ago. If a translocation happened (I’ve read of accounts of it happening before and totally disorienting the person or persons) and they couldn’t control it, the flash of what was planned to happen, and didn’t, would be like a false memory.

    All major events in your life are planned…by you and your higher self. If a situation is something that a soul really doesn’t want to experience despite planning to do so prior to birth, echoes of it can remain as planned events may require the agreement of many other souls for completion. I suspect that the vehicle driver and the ambulance driver in the above account probably wound up with some “hallucinations”, too…of an event that never took place but, one where, on a soul level, they agreed to at one time.

    There are other universes. Our Creator created 13. Our universe is on its second go and the universe right beside of us has collapsed. That being said, there are no parallel realities. That would only serve to confuse everyone. All 13 universes are (were) unique and investigate a particular theme. But, you can’t jump from one universe to another…not without a gi-normous amount of energy and, catastrophic consequences.

    This has been fascinating but, could you spread the posts out? I only read about 10% of this.

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      1. They’re not so much ‘beliefs’ as they are a viewpoint. You heard me talk about the Chris Thomas material on more than one occasion.

        Once a post gets past 1000 words, the average reader loses interest…unless you are writing a short story or novel.

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      1. Well…*scratching head*…Earth is only in one universe…this one, due to the theme/question this universe is investigating on behalf of the Creator. The universe immediately beside of this one, that collapsed, investigated an opposite theme/question from ours.

        The other 11…IDK.

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          1. The first story was second-hand info and the writer states that it is not 100% accurate. Still…it is a perfect description of translocation.

            The second story was taken from two other books & there is no verification.

            The third link is nine stories, two of them are referred to in the above links, two came from Before It’s News (a site full of crazy hearsay), one story has a broken reference link, one is tied to folklore but has possibilities, two stories read like MKULTRA victims and the one about the Beatles is over-the-top stupid.

            The fourth link is covered in the third.

            The fifth link is covered in the third.

            The sixth link, I read the first story (I don’t have the time to read all the others) and that is either MKULTRA or she was drugged.

            The last link seems to cover two stories listed in the groupings, above.

            There are no parallel realities. There is just this one. However, I can’t stress to you enough that elites and/or most governments have had contact with several ET races, two of which have provided technology that has been extremely detrimental. The bodies we inhabit are easily confused.

            There is one story, the green kids, that the accounts go back to the 1100s. That story has potential to be tied to Atlantis refugees. Possible… But, Wikipedia is not exactly a bastion of truth.

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            1. I think the green children came from where they said: an ancient underground city. I’m skeptical about tying it in to alternate realities or anything like that, but included it just for the sake of it.


  2. My dear, JM, your post is very long. I did not read all of the stories because you can find them on Youtube and I watched them before. I suggest that you link these stories to the Youtube channel or the website instead of pasting the entire stories on your post. You can also summarize the salient points of the stories with the website links. That way your post will not be so long. These are my humble and constructive suggestions to you.
    The parallell universe theory is nonsence and all those stories can be explained if someone takes the time to investigate them properly. Thank you for pointing our attention to these theories.

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  3. As one of your viewers (Hinoeuma) stated when a post past 1000 words, most people will be turned off unless you are writing an interesting story. So while writing pay attention to the word count.

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