Home Alone

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Welcome to the 23rd edition of My Fortnightly Movie/TV Thoughts!  Last fortnight, I reviewed Frozen (2013) and Frozen II (2019).  This fortnight, I’m reviewing:

  • Home Alone (1990), rated PG for mild violence and coarse language

That, of course, is the Australian rating; in the United States, it’s rated.

As usual, I’ll give the trailer and a clip at the end.

And as usual, I offer the following disclaimer just in case:


Home Alone


OK, who reading this hasn’t seen Chris Columbus’ Christmas classic?  I don’t see many hands raised.  If you haven’t seen it, I strongly recommend it; it’s one of the best Christmas movies ever made.

Image result for home alone 1990 title

It’s chaos at the McCallisters as they prepare for their holiday trip to France – with not only Peter McCallister (John Heard), his wife Kate (Catherine O’Hara) and their kids, but Peter’s brother…

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19 thoughts on “Home Alone

  1. Big time classic! I love seeing the scenes of Chicago. Brings back a lot of memories since I went to high school just 35 miles west of Chicago in St. Charles. My family and I have run through O’Hare just like that many times! 🙂 What a crazy airport! Fun movie! God bless!

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  2. I LOVE the first three movies – but the first two are definitely the best. I THINK I can watch the nail scene (not sure, will have to watch the movie again, LOL), but I cannot watch that scene were Marlin climbs through the window and steps on those ornaments *shudders*

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      1. lol yeah. I want to watch it again since I haven’t watch it as a kid. Thanks also for your comment on my latest refutation of an alleged Bible contradiction. You’re right to say it is cringe worthy

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