Showing My Face

OK…  Deep breaths… It’s time to show you what I look like.  Who I am.  I’m sure many of you have created some sort of picture – however vague – in your head.  One of you – Ryan Callahan – has seen my photo (not one of the ones in here; a slightly older one). And some – such as Beverley – have asked what I look like.  And of course my sister rue202 (Racheal) and father truthsearchingfortruth (Merv) see my ugly mug every day (kidding – I’m not ugly).

Here’s a photo of me taken with my laptop just a few minutes ago (my apologies for the poor resolution):


Another one (also from my laptop) taken last week, just after I’d shaved: (that’s my 10-year-old brother Joshua to the left)


Plus, a photo of me taken last week (also on my laptop), before I shaved my beard:


(And yes, I’m still single.  Just sayin’…)

125 thoughts on “Showing My Face

      1. Doing good, thanks. I’ve been taking a break from blogging and spending a lot of time on Twitter meeting fellow Patriots who love our country and support Trump. I was at about 2K followers on Thursday and now my account is over 4K. I’m just about to 5K, but Twitter started messing with me like they do to all conservatives. I pray God protects my account. Met a lot of great American Patriots who are bold and unashamed to love our country and support Trump. Also been getting into political debates and speaking truth to liberals. I’ve been replying to the Dem candidates and other famous people and speaking bold truth to them. Just tweeted our last president today and let him know he is a traitor and almost ruined our country. This was after he tweeted trying to take credit for Trump’s great economy. It’s been great. 🙂 I’ve also shared Christ with many people, which is always #1. Not sure when I’m coming back to WP at the moment.


                    1. I’m going to put it in a comment on your blog and you’re going to delete it once you’ve written it down somewhere (like on a piece of paper or something). I won’t give it to you otherwise.

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                    2. Oh, you just click to start doing a new post and then click on the little cogwheel for this new post where you sort out the settings for that particular post and then click on ‘Settings’, then on ‘Public’ and then click on ‘Password protected’ and type in the password that you want for it.

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