Ah, Aussie Humour

It’s good to have a laugh at yourself now and again.  When you’re Aussie, you kinda have to 🙂

(Seriously, Christmas in WINTER of al seasons is just so backward!  🙂 )

FUN FACT: Australia invented Wi-Fi.


(For those dirty-minded savages imagining something inappropriate: a THONG is a loose sandal.  That’s the REAL definition of the word.)

That Would Be Great Meme | METRIC IS FAR SUPERIOR TO IMPERIAL JUST A FACT, MATE | image tagged in memes,that would be great | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

(Yeah, seriously, this is a problem I’ve noticed with Yanks.  Imagine an Australian in America or Europe, when asked where he’s from, or when mentioning where something is, responding simply “Queensland” or “Victoria”, without explanation.  That’s basically what you do.)

It’s a matter of dispute as to whether the delicious pavlova (anyone who hasn’t heard of that is officially an uncultured barbarian) was invented in Australia or New Zealand.

Here in Australia, we’re not Victorian about swear words.

Now THIS brings back memories from my brief school years!

Fun facts

Erin Riley


This is a bin chicken fighting a bush turkey, and it is excellent

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I have some horrifying information for australians about how americans think you’re supposed to pronounce Emu: they say “ee-moo” I tell them how to actually say it “ee-mew” and theyre like How Dare you tell me i’m wrong

Reid Parker @ReidParker_

I just found out that loads of Australians call slides “slippery dips”.
Fuck you people are weird

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M @ekilhawa

before I put any pair of shoes on I make sure there isn’t any spiders inside is that Aussie culture or just me culture

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📸 @punchhappiness

Foreigners think we’re all scared of spiders and snakes where the reality is we live in perpetual terror of this email

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Naaman Zhou



unsw: https://twitter.com/UNSW/status/1108196713875963904 



It’s #WorldFrogDay! Here are the 7 known frog amplexus (mating) positions, originally shared by @UNSWScience amphibian expert Dr @JodiRowley. 🐸

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Erik Meira @erikMeira

I made a handy guide so Americans can understand weather reports in Celsius:

0 = Literally freezing
10 = Chilly
20 = Nice
30 = Hot
40 = Fuck you
50 = Australia

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the irishman* @mrgracemugabe

trying not to throw up in my throat when americans posts picture of themselves at the “beach” and it’s clearly a river bank or the shore of a lake. disgusting people

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PHIL FRESH @itmefresh

two types of people in this world:
1. The dude in front of me with $340 on his opal
2. Everyone else

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elf wife: full wife consequences @bonerman_inc

just found out a ‘strip mall’ in the USA is just a bunch of places but in one row of buildings instead of separate buildings, or one big building. buddy that’s just called “the shops”

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ely⁰³²⁵ @LIXLVR

do any of you aussies ever just

not know how to explain a slang word a foreigner doesn’t understand because it seems normal to you

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My favourite part about living in Australia is seeing over 30,000 Bats fly over your house every night

🌷✨ mint ✨🌷 @mintiture

good morning everyone, it’s a bright and sunny saturday morning, i’ve just voted in the federal election, i am walking home, democracy sausage in hand, i am being stalked by the magpie in the tree behind me

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Trey @_is_Trey

Where I’m from we don’t shake hands, we violently headbang to the tune of “fruit salad” by The Wiggles.

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learning about drugs and sex from a talking giraffe called harold in the back of a suspicious van at school is aussie culture
(The historic rivalry between Sydney and Melbourne is notorious.)
And that’s another thing: the little things are PRAWNS not shrimps!
1000% AGREED!








99 thoughts on “Ah, Aussie Humour

                    1. On my season preferences? Or on it being autumn? Here in Australia & the rest of the Southern Hemisphere, the seasons are the opposite of yours.
                      (Of course, we never have snow. Although I would like to experience it!)

                      Liked by 1 person

                    2. Everything’s opposite in the Southern Hemisphere (SH). Even the direction rivers flow & leaves grow (so I heard once, at least).
                      You experience spring/summer when the Northern Hemisphere (NH) is tilted towards the sun, and the SH tilted away (which is when we have autumn/winter). We experience summer when the SH is tilted towards the sun, and the NH is tilted away (your winter).

                      Liked by 1 person

                    3. LOL, yeah 🙂
                      Um… that’s a tough one. I’m one of those people who’ve never been entirely sure. I’m a University student at the moment, and I’m currently looking at retail work.
                      I MIGHT at some point to a teaching or librarianship course – MIGHT.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    4. That’s a tough one. I have many foods I love – lasagna, pizza, cake, M&M chocolate, anything KFC or Hungry Jacks, any kind of (clean) meat.
                      (My apologies – at least some of those are stuff you can’t eat, aren’t they?)

                      Liked by 1 person

                    5. I don’t know about “best thing on earth”, but I enjoy a good song/music. Apart from movie songs (“Let it gooooo”), my favourites are Christian/Messianic songs – particularly Paul Wilbur and Don Francisco.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    6. My Dad often tells me I need to go to bed; Grandma doesn’t.
                      I’m trying to catch up on some Uni work I’m behind on (and a blog I’ve been behind on); I’ve just about done enough to satisfy my conscience (LOL).

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