The Good Friday Myth (Video)

A companion video to my post Good Friday, in which I explain why we’re celebrating Yehoshua/Jesus’ crucifixion on the wrong day of the week.

(Note that I still get a little nervous in front of the camera, which resulted in my mind going blank a couple times.)

43 thoughts on “The Good Friday Myth (Video)

          1. It’s good! Come on it’s at least better then mine when i do recording in front of someone! I freeze! At least you spoke!

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      1. YEAH! I think i ruin my smile when taking a photo in front of people! AND THEN It looks like i’m scared or anxious or something!

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          1. I think that myself when i take a pic! But then i reassure myself!!!! LOL! My sister makes fun of me when i do that kind of stuff!!!!

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