Cult Programming in Seattle


Sealed in Christ

Christians, PRAY

First, a word from me
God made each of us exactly as He decided long before we were conceived in the womb, Psalm 139:16. For that reason, we should honor and respect all people as those who have been uniquely created by God, and in His own image. By this same token, we should never despise, reject or apologize—in terms of ethnicity, race, or gender—for how the Creator of the universe chose to make us for His good pleasure.

Regardless of your view on the following article, if you think this kind of programming—which incidentally, is far more likely to result in more bias and racism by those so inclined, not less—isn’t opening the door to all sorts of future conditioning and forced compliance, to include that of the Church, think again. This is serious.

[I know, I’m supposed to be on sabbatical.. but I…

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