Madeleine McCann: The Parents Did It

The well-publicised case of Madeleine McCann’s alleged disappearance in 2007 in Portugal at the age of 3 recently entered the spotlight again after German police dug up the garden of a convicted paedophile looking for her body.

Police in Portugal reopen rape investigation after claim against ...

Portugese police initially investigated Madeleine’s parents, Kate and Gerry McCann, but ultimately dropped the case for lack of evidence, with many now proclaiming that suspicions against the couple are “baseless”, “conspiracy theories”, etc.

But, there remains enough evidence against them to make the suspicious against her reasonable, and far from “baseless” – one of the most damning pieces of evidence being highly trained professional sniffer dogs detecting the scent of human blood & cadaver (dead body) in the McCann’s apartment (in multiple places), in their rental car, and on Kate’s clothes.  There’s also conflicting stories from the McCanns and their friends – for example, they first claimed that they checked on their kids every hour, then they said it was every 15 minutes, and finally they settled on every half hour.

Anthony Bennet has provided an excellent list of 60 reasons to suspect McCann’s parents.  He goes into A LOT of detail, TOO MUCH to put into one post, so I’ll give the link.  His 98-page booklet (told you it was too long for one post) can be found here:

Fascinating reading, compiling all the evidence available in 2008 in detail.  I’m quite convinced: Madeleine’s parents are guilty.

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