Longevity stories

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In the Bible, there are many stories of persons living for well over a hundred years – some for several hundred.

[Note: I correct common translational errors in the Genesis 5 genealogy in Restored English Translation of Genesis: Chapter 5; the following list represents the true ages of the Genesis 5 patriarchs, which while sometimes shorter than traditionally given, are still pretty damn long!]

Adam – 930

Seth – 912

Enos – 905

Cainan – 910

Mahalalel – 895

Jared – 847

Enoch – 365 (he would have been considered a spring chicken!)

Methuselah – 720

Lamech – 653

Noah – 950

And there are many more examples one could give.  Many consider these as “proof” that the Bible is a bunch of fairy stories.  After all, how could anyone live so long?

Science, however, has found that there is theoretically no limit to how long a human may…

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