The Canon of Scripture, Part 4: The Other Books of Baruch

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[Note: I am rebooting this series to always include links to the texts discussed, whether or not I accept them.  The previous three articles have had these links added.]

The canon of Scripture is a settled issue, isn’t it? You’ve got your 66 books total, 39 in the Old Testament (24 by the Jewish counting) and 27 in the New Testament. However, when you do the research, things are not so simple. There are many “other” books claiming to be Scripture, a number of them accepted by various denominations and/or included in various Bibles over the years. Are they Scripture? Or just heretical additions?

I established in The Canon of Scripture, Part 1: The Apocrypha that the books known as the “Apocrypha” are inspired Scripture.  In The Canon of Scripture, Part 2: Enoch and Jubilees I established that the books of Enoch and Jubilees are inspired Scripture.  And in The…

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