Just A Friendly Reminder

From Georgia’s REPUBLICAN Secretary of State.

Consider this Part 3 of my Debunking American Election Myths.

21 thoughts on “Just A Friendly Reminder

  1. It is clear as day that the left stole this election. The evidence regarding the Dominion voting machines has been hidden by corrupt judges. The fraudulent election of Biden is a complete coup of our country. We are being ruled by wicked traitors.


        1. Not to mention the alternative media’s lack of understanding of how things work – for example, there were no dueling electors, the VP has no authority to do anything other than count the votes presented to him/her, etc.


          1. There were in fact dueling electors, and there were conservative electors that they wouldn’t even let into the building in one case. The police blocked them from entering and said “all the electors are here,” but they were not and they prevented them from entering. Mike Pence had the authority to not certify the fraudulent votes, but he did not want to do that. He turned his back on Trump and our Constitution.


            1. Nope, no state government or legislature appointed a second set of electors. Those Republicans were pretenders – by their own announcement, they were not electors and had no authority to cast electoral votes, but they did it anyway “just in case” the legislature decided to ignore their states’ voters.
              The police were right in keeping them out.


                  1. Hey JM, I just wanted to apologize to you for being harsh in disagreeing with you. You have been a good friend and you are my brother in Christ, and I should not have been rude like that. I am sorry, brother. I still have a lot to learn in how I treat people and I am working on it. Even more importantly, God is working on me in that. Please forgive me. Grace and peace to you.

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            2. And the only way to reject an electoral votes is if both a Representative and a Senator sign an objection, and both Houses subsequently vote to sustain the objection.
              The VP can’t do anything but watch.


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