The Time American Almost Got Affordable Healthcare

The United States' healthcare system is notoriously broken, and ludicrously expensive. It's the only for-profit healthcare system remaining among the world's developed nations. Every other developed country has instituted taxpayer-funded universal healthcare, largely (in many cases entirely) eliminating medical bills, and ensuring that citizens aren't made choose between bankruptcy and dying like some in the … Continue reading The Time American Almost Got Affordable Healthcare

Debunking American Election Myths, Part 5: More Votes than Voters?

The previous parts to this series: Debunking American Election Myths, Part 1: The Capitol SiegeDebunking American Election Myths, Part 2: More on the Capitol SiegeJust A Friendly ReminderDebunking American Election Myths, Part 4: The Vice-President’s Powers and Dueling Electors A claim made by both Republicans and Democrats after last year's American elections, and made by Republicans after the 2012 … Continue reading Debunking American Election Myths, Part 5: More Votes than Voters?

The Original Language of the New Testament

Matthew was definitely originally Hebrew, not as certain anymore about the others. Maybe, maybe not.

J-M's History Corner

We have always been taught that the “New Testament” was originally written in Greek.  However, there is a growing movement that suggests that it was originally written in Hebrew and/or Aramaic (the same language as the “Old Testament”).

So, which is right?

Here is an interesting article by Jeff Benner on the subject:

Archaeological Evidence of a Semitic NT

For many years it has been taught that Greek and Aramaic were the languages of Israel during the Second Temple period (530 BC to 70 AD). However, over the past fifty years more and more evidence has surfaced that the language of the Jews in Israel during this time was in fact Hebrew. Below are some of discoveries supporting this theory.

In 135 CE Shimon Ben Kosiba (Simon Bar Kockba) lead the final revolt against the Romans. The image below is a fragment of a parchment which begins, “From Shimon Ben…

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