Revisiting Easter

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Yesterday was Easter Sunday.  It is celebrated as the anniversary of Yeshua ha’Mashiach/Jesus the Christ’s resurrection.  There are a lot of claims about Easter’s allegedly pagan origins – pretty much all false.  I previously did a post Easter promoting these claims.  I am doing this post to correct my previous claims.  (Yes, this is similar to the situation with my posts Christmas and Revisiting Christmas.)

CLAIM: That Easter is the date of an ancient pagan solstice festival.

REALITY:  There IS a single reference in the historical record to a pagan festival in April for a deity named Eostre.  One.  Single.  Reference.  It is by an English historian named Bede, who recounted a pagan ENGLISH/GERMAN tradition – somewhere in the 7th or 8th century AD.

On the other hand, we have records of a separate celebration of Yeshua’s resurrection in March/April IN THE MIDDLE EAST by the mid-2nd…

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