JFK on Healthcare

And 60 years later, America STILL hasn’t fixed it! Cos “sOcIaLiSm”.

Were he alive today, Republicans would call Kennedy a “commie” just for this speech alone. How far America hasn’t come.

15 thoughts on “JFK on Healthcare

  1. Brother, seriously, look at your own country of Australia. It is an authoritarian nightmare. People being beat in the streets by cops regarding covid. Socialism is a scourge on this earth. It is and always will be a bridge to communism & absolute tyranny. Communism is an atheist government system of enslavement, murder, poverty, sin, and death. Socialism leads to that Godless nightmare. We do not want that here. We choose freedom and hard work under the grace of God. Socialism doesn’t fix anything. It has been proven throughout history to cause more problems and ultimately ruin countries. Socialists will always run out of other people’s hard earned money, then they turn on the people violently. Please, bro, enough with the hating on my country. Pray for revival here and in your country, and the whole world. Socialist tyranny is not the answer. We need Jesus, not atheist government control. Grace and peace to you, brother.


    1. There’s no authoritarianism here in Australia. Healthcare isn’t socialism, which in turn isn’t communism. There’s nothing free about dying for being unable to afford healthcare, or going bankrupt over medical bills.


      1. Government raising your taxes to unaffordable levels to give you “free” healthcare is socialism. And yes, socialism leads to communism. Socialism was never meant to stand as a form of long term government. It has always been a bridge to tyranny. I don’t know how you can’t call the current situation in Australia an authoritarian crisis. People being beat by the authorities over covid is a major authoritarian problem. Free speech being silenced by authorities is a major authoritarian problem. Violence perpetrated by an all powerful government to silence dissent is always a major authoritarian problem.


        1. We pay less in taxes towards healthcare than you do, but get much more for it.
          And that’s still not socialism. Socialism is abolishing private property.
          And neither of those are happening in Australia. Lockdowns are over, people are protesting unharassed (despite said protestors calling for murders and coups).


          1. Abolishing private property is one aspect of socialism. It also includes putting the economy and industries such as healthcare under government control. Your government controls healthcare, which is a part of socialism. No way we pay more in taxes for healthcare. Our healthcare isn’t socialist. We don’t pay taxes for healthcare like you do. Most of us have insurance through our employers, which we pay for directly out of our paychecks. Others have individual healthcare plans. I’m glad to hear the lockdowns are over. It was awful seeing people abused like that by the police.


            1. Yes your taxes do go towards healthcare, and then you have to also pay insurance and are billed by the clinic/hospital on top of that. You’re being ripped off, and think that not being ripped off is communism.
              If healthcare etc is socialism, then socialism is partly good. If the conservative broad (and false) definition of socialism is true (healthcare, education, paid parental leave, minimum wage, unions, etc), then socialism IS good. In fact, the 10 freest countries in the world have most or all of those and more, along with the 10 most democratic and the 10 happiest. Countries like Denmark, Australia, New Zealand, etc, appear in the top 10 of most of those lists annually, the US never does anymore.
              This is the GOP (not necessarily you, but your party):

              And I’ll take taxes over unnecessary death any day. Here’s a sobering read:
              By comparison, in countries with universal healthcare, nobody dies for being unable to afford healthcare.


              1. The only portion of taxes that could be considered going towards healthcare is social security for our future Medicare. Yes, healthcare can be expensive, but I’ll take hard work and freedom over government control any day. Giving the government a bunch of your money and giving them the power to control everything is never a good thing. It’s sad you think the cheese in the trap is good. Nobody dies for lack of healthcare here. Even homeless people can walk into an ER and get care.


                  1. You didn’t debunk anything. You send links from liberal media. Just more propaganda. You gotta stop loving that “free cheese” in the socialist trap, bro, and you really need to stop listening to American leftist media. You didn’t even know our gas prices went up because Biden forced us back under OPEC control.
                    Anyway, it’s 2:30 in the morning here in Florida. I’m going to bed. Grace and peace, brother.


      1. I disagree. We are facing that threat every day here in America. Biden and the Democrats are rabidly pushing socialism every day. They have raised taxes, defunded police in liberal cities causing huge spikes in crime, caused inflation to soar, caused major supply chain issues with their socialist green new deal insanity, ruined our energy independence and caused gas prices to go over $4 per gallon, destroyed our border security, and they are pushing critical race theory & the 1619 Project in our schools. They are also currently trying to force their $4.5 Trillion socialist spending bill through Congress, which will be the final nail in the coffin. All of that is a serious threat of socialism and communism. It hasn’t even been a full year under Biden yet, and it’s so bad that even Democrats are mad and admitting it was better under Trump. The Democrats and their socialist agenda are destroying our economy, our jobs, our security, and our schools. If you lived here and were raising kids here like we are, you would see just how very real the threat is.


        1. Biden’s centre-right. America’s most “far left” politicians AOC and Sanders are maybe centre-left, and Sanders isn’t even radical, or controversial in normal countries. There’s not a single elected socialist politician in the US.


          1. Oh man, bro, you are so incorrect. Calling Biden “center right” is like calling Trump a liberal. That is way off. Just study the Democrat Socialist “Green New deal” & you will see how far left they truly are. AOC and Sanders are as far left as they come. Sanders constantly praises the Communist regime in Cuba & wants America to follow their model. But that’s not radical or controversial to you? The whole group of women known as “the squad” are a bunch of elected socialists, as are the old school entrenched Democrat politicians like Pelosi and Schumer. There’s actually way more than just a single socialist. The Democrats are full of them and they are proud to admit it. They are not shy about pushing socialism. They arrogantly talk about shredding our Constitution, and taking over our country all the time. That is exactly what they are doing right now. But again, as we’ve discussed before, you are not going to know that listening to our lying propaganda-filled lefty media. I’ve lived in this country for 43 years. Our government and media are literally filled with socialists and communists. So many of them are in China’s back pocket it is sickening. Please bro, before you go saying something absurd like “Biden is center right,” look at his record. He and his administration are ruining our country with socialist policies. Never have I seen grocery store shelves as empty as they are now. The whole thing he is doing forcing supply ships to sit at port is insane. He also completely ruined our energy independence. I just paid $75 to fill up my tank. $75, bro! It is totally nuts! People are losing jobs, stores are having trouble stocking goods, and prices are through the roof. Last Friday a major natural food store here called Richard’s Foodporium went out of business. So sad. There is absolutely no excuse for that. That is what the Democrats and their socialist insanity are doing to us. That is the daily reality on the ground here. People are hurting and we still have 3 years of this madness to get through.


              1. Wrong. Gas prices were not going to go up no matter what. Gas prices went up because Biden made us slaves to OPEC again. We were energy independent under Trump & gas prices would have stayed low under Trump because of that. We didn’t need foreign oil and gas. We have plenty of our own. We don’t need to be subject to the Middle East, but Biden has made it that way again , just like Democrats always do. There is nothing dishonest about that truth. It’s a cold hard fact. And regarding your liberal “fact checking” article, I’m sick of the so called “fact checking,” which is nothing more than liberal propaganda. Those ships are stuck at port because of Biden’s green energy regulations. He won’t let the truckers move goods across California because of their ridiculous green new deal regulations. The media lies and hides that truth. We have a million man shortage of truckers now. Seriously, bro, stop reading liberal media and thinking you have truth and facts. It’s ridiculous. Those of us who live and work here every day know exactly what is going on, and the media can’t hide the truth from us.


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