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  1. When I shared something about that baptist pastor calling for all LGBTQIA+ people to be shot and killed in America and how outrageous that was, I have always found it interesting certain conservative and Christian people we know kept silent. Like they were protesting about other stuff, but pointing out that, they were SO silent, like what happened to not supporting such extremism? They had all been “it’s not all of us” before that with other posts, but when I posted about that, they failed to prove it wasn’t all of them by keeping UTTERLY silent about it. They really do need to do some soul searching.

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    1. Don’t know how many Christians you have reading your blog? But I find my brothers to be silent on most subjects, many of which should matter. They were silent as those, who are entrenched in what Trump calls the “Deep State”, long ago stole the direction that education has taken for our kids; and that societal norms were taking — being transformed; and that laws were taking — being ignored; and that changes to laws were taking — making them to be apart from the constitution which made us great.
      Silence is nothing new for Christian’s.
      The activists in this world are normally on the fringes of the right or left of any movement, or at least they are motivated by those occupying those fringes.
      Since Jesus changed the narrative surrounding the law to base it upon forgiveness, believers in him have tended toward live and let live. But when any government becomes partial to either fringe as this one has in this country it brings out a different look at what Scripture teaches.
      More Christian’s are awakening today as time progresses to the facts that their children are being stolen intellectually by the left fringe; that the principals that the country was founded upon have moved from the middle ground to the left; that freedom is taking a hard left turn.
      This nation was made great because it was founded on a freedom to civilly discuss ideas in order to arrive at truth in religion; in politics. It evolved into a country where one could not discuss religion or politics. And from there it has become entrenched by a left leaning political system, which tends to be anti God, and which sees its opposition as haters, thus disallowing free speech, and even freedom on the religious front. It shuns laws which God gave in the Scriptures for the good of society, thinking it’s truth to be better then God’s. It is molding a society that will eventually fall in upon itself.
      As far as killing LGBTQ people that is absurd. But openly objecting to their ideas is the American way. But when it becomes un-american to do so we are in trouble, and no longer engaging in freedom of speech and religion. Because even the Atheist has his religion.


      1. You say the left side is so bad and taking over the country and it’s freedoms where the right has recently been proven to be the ones actually doing that by stripping people of their freedoms to choose, openly saying they will consider taking away rights to birth control and privacy in the bedroom, forcing themselves into the people’s private lives, making them livestock because no they have no protection and ways to be responsible when it comes to pregnancy and kids. They are looking at taking away the LGBTQIA+ rights to marriage and equality, which any human being should have. The right demand respect and freedom for themselves, but refuse to give it to others and have demonstrated that they are the ones that are taking it, not the other way around. The right is definitely not for God. The left just wants equality for all, which isn’t a bad thing, it’s the right that only wants equality for certain groups and not for others, which is a bad thing.
        And killing LGBTQIA people is absurd, but some still advocate for it and that is an issue that needs to be addressed and if you claim it’s not all christians, not all conservatives, etc., then you need to show that by standing by a group that’s being oppressed and having death threats and violence, but did any of those “it’s not all of us” christians do that? No, they didn’t, which speaks volumes and not in a good way.

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        1. Glad to see you willing to engage. I have been in surgery so I’m a little late answering this. The issue for Christians is different than what you stated. We do not wish to be paying for abortions through our tax dollars. And yes it is a God thing with us. The fact is the founders had no laws against abortion. That is at the federal level. There were laws against murder. And therefore people probably did not have a Borsheims legally in those days. There were there has never been a law at the federal level against abortion. this is why row was never all at a constitutional act by the Supreme Court. Today’s Supreme Court got that right. Abortions occurred before row and they will continue to occur in this nation. State one act laws according to the will of the people. That is the way this country operates. Or is supposed to. we Christians believe this nation has been blessed by God because of its founding principles. Because of its Constitution. You are free to believe what you like. But we are supposed to be free to believe what we like. We have freedom of religion and freedom of speech in this country. our laws are to be based on what our founders set forth in the founding documents. States rights are to be something that are not neglected. You are free to advocate for whatever laws you want. However they must be made law before they become law. That is the way our government was established.That protects our freedom.


          1. I’m sorry to hear that you were in surgery, I hope you’re okay. And apologies for my delayed response, I have been busy with University, a new job, and a few other things.
            You say it’s the Constitution, but the Constitution was actually meant to be rewritten every 20 years as the world moves on and old laws can’t be expected to govern any new changes in any new way of life that would and has emerged. But that hasn’t exactly been followed through with, has it?
            I never said you weren’t free to believe what you wanted, but enforcing your beliefs on someone when it will actually be dangerous and harmful is wrong which is what people try to do when they say that basically the left is harmful and deprived when there hasn’t been proof of that.
            Freedom of speech protects you from the government, not from individual people you engage with.
            And what freedom are you wanting to be protected? Freedom for who?
            And if it’s a God thing for you, great. It’s not a God thing for everyone cause everyone has different walks that need to be considered, so you can’t exactly make something a law because of your religious beliefs, as there are other religions and other types of people out there who’s voices and beliefs should also be heard and definitely have a say when making laws, not just the Christian voice, which by the way is the most privileged religion out there.

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            1. Can’t disagree with most of what you say, but some I’ll comment on. As to changes in the constitution, there is a process of amending the constitution, aside from that the constitution and bill of rights speak to the the responsibilities of the various branches of government and to the States rights. Abortion and the various laws surrounding punishment for the breaking of the state laws are in the hands of the states. This was the reason row needed to be overturned there was no federal law to support it as a one size fits all. Each State should do as their constituents desire.


              1. Even if it’s just up to each state, it still causes problems, as it will create more illegal and very dangerous ones, risking many women’s lives. A ten year old was raped by a family member, fell pregnant and because of her state’s laws around abortion that they refused to be lenient on in this case, she had to travel all the way to another state to get the abortion, the medical procedure, that she needed and it looks like the doctor will be facing charges or something for helping her in this case. What should be done in regards to abortions is not make it up to each state but leave it up to the pregnant person and their doctor to decide, just leave it as an option, that will be a lot more safer.

                But anyway, each state doing as their constituents desire isn’t always cut and dry, depending on the issue.

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                1. Personally, I think it would be best if every medical decision were left between the patient and Dr; with no government interference, but it’s not going to happen. Vaccines should be a personal matter, etc. the problem is people do stupid things, and government then should step in. But then there is an even bigger problem when government steps in and does the stupid thing.

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          2. Also, just a side note, but your comment at the start about “Glad to see that you’re willing to engage” is weird as when the author of this blog replied to your first reply, you refused to engage at all, just shut down that conversation so I’m confused as to why you’re holding me to the standard of having to engage, or at least are seeming to imply that you are, when you demonstrated pretty quickly with J-M’s History Corner that you didn’t want to engage in that way at all?

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