Restored English Translation of Genesis: Chapter 33

Today I present my Restored English Translation (RET) of Beresheet (Genesis) chapter 33.  As usual, it contains the Hebrew names, with a glossary of them after the chapter.  At the very end is a list of where the Aleph Tavs occur (as they are no longer included in the main text). CHAPTER 33 1 And … Continue reading Restored English Translation of Genesis: Chapter 33

Dinosaurs: Extinct or Not?

Dinosaurs are fascinating creatures that I'm sure we've all loved at some point or another (personally speaking, they're still my favourite animals).  These reptiles ranged in size from colossus to minuscule, from land-bound creatures like T-Rex and Velociraptor to sea-going creatures like the Plesiosaurus to the flying Pterodactyls.  Evolutionary scientists tell us that these creatures … Continue reading Dinosaurs: Extinct or Not?