The Real Origin of the Peace Symbol (and the Pentagram)

The "peace symbol" or "peace sign" is widely used today. However, it is seen by many as pagan or occultic, or even anti-Christian.  You'll often find statements like the following by Cindy Jacobs in her book Deliver Us from Evil: This came to characterize the ideal of peace in the hippie era.  But occultists equate … Continue reading The Real Origin of the Peace Symbol (and the Pentagram)

The Spanish Transition to Democracy

Spain is nowadays a democratic constitutional monarchy; but roughly 40 years ago, it was just emerging from a fascist dictatorship created by Francisco Franco, and governed by him for many years.  The change was spearheaded by none other than Franco's chosen successor, King Juan Carlos I, who had given every indication of loyalty to Franco's … Continue reading The Spanish Transition to Democracy

History’s Longest-Reigning Monarchs

Earlier this year, Queen Elizabeth II of Australia and the other 15 Commonwealth realms reached 68 years on the throne, making her the longest-reigning and longest-lived monarch in our (and the other Commonwealth realms') history, as well as the oldest living current or former monarch, oldest current world leader, and longest-serving current leader. [Most recent … Continue reading History’s Longest-Reigning Monarchs

Giants in America – Part 2

Part 1: From Beyond Science TV: Are giants real? At some point in our distant past, were there ancient people of enormous size that walked the earth and dominated the planet as humans now do? So much knowledge of the world’s past has been lost throughout the ages – some destroyed by war, some … Continue reading Giants in America – Part 2

In Defence of Jeanne Calment

Jeanne Calment on her 121st birthday in 1996 Jeanne Louise Calment (1875-1997) is widely considered the oldest person in history - at least, the oldest verified by Guinness' World Records' stringent standards.  (There appear to be others who are/were older, but there usually isn't enough documentation to absolutely prove it.)  She lived for an impressive … Continue reading In Defence of Jeanne Calment