The German Holocaust… in Africa

We're all familiar with Germany's Holocaust of Jews and other undesirables in World War II; heck, the word Holocaust has become synonymous with that event.  Not as known, though, was Germany's "warm up" a few decades prior... practiced on native Africans at the height of European colonialism in the continent. From Weird History: Decades before … Continue reading The German Holocaust… in Africa

The World’s Longest Names

I used to think my grandfather, with two middle names, had a long name.  Similar with Queen Elizabeth II (Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor), Prince Charles (Charles Philip Arthur George Mountbatten-Windsor), Prince Harry (Henry Charles Albert David Mountbatten-Windsor) and several other royals.  Then I heard about my distant (criminal) uncle, Frederick Henry Edward Staines Messervy. But … Continue reading The World’s Longest Names

Don Patton I highly recommend the DVD copies of his teachings, too.