The Werewolves of Ireland

Ah, werewolves.  Popular trope in horror movies and novels.  Usually portrayed as a human who transforms into a humanoid wolf (or as a human-wolf hybrid).  Sometimes the condition (known as lycanthropy) is genetic and hereditary, sometimes it's the result of a werewolf bite, sometimes the result of a curse.  It's often (but not necessarily) related … Continue reading The Werewolves of Ireland

The Mystery of Hy-Brasil – The Disappearing Island

Hy-Brasil, also known as Brasil (and a few other variant spellings) is a legendary island said to have existed off the coast of Ireland.  Supposedly, it's shrouded in mist almost all of the time, the mist lifting for only one day every 7 years (I wonder if Thomas & Friends: Misty Island Rescue got ideas … Continue reading The Mystery of Hy-Brasil – The Disappearing Island