Parallel Universes (and Other Weird Tales)

If you're a superhero fan (like myself), you've undoubtedly heard of the multiverse. It's basically the belief that there are multiple parallel universes that may or may not be like our own, and is regularly employed in comic books (especially superhero ones - such as Marvel and DC). But could it be real? A popular … Continue reading Parallel Universes (and Other Weird Tales)

The Mystery of Hy-Brasil – The Disappearing Island

Hy-Brasil, also known as Brasil (and a few other variant spellings) is a legendary island said to have existed off the coast of Ireland.  Supposedly, it's shrouded in mist almost all of the time, the mist lifting for only one day every 7 years (I wonder if Thomas & Friends: Misty Island Rescue got ideas … Continue reading The Mystery of Hy-Brasil – The Disappearing Island