Another Old Werewolf Tale

You might remember my post The Werewolves of Ireland, in which I discussed the Emerald Isle's history of lycanthropy (werewolves), which was particularly disturbing as they were my direct ancestors. Well, here's another mediaeval werewolf tale - this one of the warrior Sigmund and his son Sinfjötli, who dabbled in something they shouldn't, becoming wolves … Continue reading Another Old Werewolf Tale

The Werewolves of Ireland

Ah, werewolves.  Popular trope in horror movies and novels.  Usually portrayed as a human who transforms into a humanoid wolf (or as a human-wolf hybrid).  Sometimes the condition (known as lycanthropy) is genetic and hereditary, sometimes it's the result of a werewolf bite, sometimes the result of a curse.  It's often (but not necessarily) related … Continue reading The Werewolves of Ireland