The Empty Tomb (and Other Evidence for Jesus’ Death & Resurrection)

We're all at least partly familiar with the story of the death and resurrection of Yehoshua ha'Mashiach (Jesus the Christ).  It occurred around 30 AD (give or take a few years; I used to believe it was 28 AD, but after the discovery of 29AD coins imprinted in the image on the Turin Shroud, I … Continue reading The Empty Tomb (and Other Evidence for Jesus’ Death & Resurrection)



The Son of God.  The Saviour of the world.  The man Who gave His life for us. And the title of the mini-series starring Jeremy Sisto. Yes, this is shameless clickbait (Easter season, after all!).  Welcome to the 6th edition of My Fortnightly Movie/TV Thoughts.  Last fortnight I reviewed Exodus: Gods and Kings (2014).  This … Continue reading Jesus

Restored English Translation of Genesis: Chapter 43

Here is my latest installment in my ongoing project to translate the entire Bible into English - the Restored English Translation (RET).  Today I present the 43rd chapter of Beresheet, commonly known in English as the Book of Genesis.  As usual, it contains the Hebrew names, with a glossary of them after the chapter.  At … Continue reading Restored English Translation of Genesis: Chapter 43

The 1st Year

My sister’s blogiversary post – complete with a hilarious comedy skit containing several bloggers as characters (myself included!).

Racheal's Novels

Today Racheal’s Novels turns a year old!!!

I love you guys. You truly brightened my day with your likes and views.  These past twelve months are among the best I’ve ever had – my writing skills have improved so much (of course, that wouldn’t have happened without all of you, and my family). Thank you all so, so much!

It’s truly been a fun, enjoyable and memorable year.

Wonder what this second year will be like?

Here’s a story I wrote to celebrate this anniversary! Some of you will appear as characters in this story (please don’t be mad!).


Do I have everything?

Yes, I do.

I can’t wait! It’s amazing to think that I’ve been here a whole year. A smile appears on my face as I remember the day I moved in. Being very apprehensive, but excited, I threw myself into making a name for myself and…

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The Canon of Scripture, Part 6: The Lost Book of Ezekiel

"Now Neco, king of Egypt, raised an army, and marched to the river Euphrates, in order to fight with the Medes and Babylonians, who had overthrown the dominion of the Assyrians, for he had a desire to reign over Asia.  Now when he was come to the city Mendes, which belonged to the kingdom of … Continue reading The Canon of Scripture, Part 6: The Lost Book of Ezekiel