For Us MCU, DCEU and/or Harry Potter Fans

I gotta admit, these first two videos are kinda emotional as an invested Marvel Cinematic Universe fan (and Marvel fan in general).  They won't have the same effect if you haven't seen Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, which are not only the two finest MCU films, but among the finest films ever made.  (And … Continue reading For Us MCU, DCEU and/or Harry Potter Fans

I Will Survive… My Terrible Singing

My good friend Lydia Potter from the blog In His Service and Loving It (which I highly recommend) suggested I film myself singing.  Utterly bored thanks to COVID-19, me and my sister Racheal (username Rue202) of the blogs Racheal's Novels and Miscellaneous Oddity decided to take up her suggestion, and filmed ourselves singing I Will … Continue reading I Will Survive… My Terrible Singing

Another Old Werewolf Tale

You might remember my post The Werewolves of Ireland, in which I discussed the Emerald Isle's history of lycanthropy (werewolves), which was particularly disturbing as they were my direct ancestors. Well, here's another mediaeval werewolf tale - this one of the warrior Sigmund and his son Sinfjötli, who dabbled in something they shouldn't, becoming wolves … Continue reading Another Old Werewolf Tale