Margrethe II and Anne-Marie’s Ancestors

Margrethe II (born 16 April 1940), full name Margrethe Alexandrine Þórhildur Ingrid, has reigned as Queen of Denmark since 14 January 1972. She inherited the throne upon the death of her father Frederick IX, and her heir apparent is her oldest son Crown Prince Frederik. Her sister Princess Anne-Marie Dagmar Ingrid of Denmark (born 30 … Continue reading Margrethe II and Anne-Marie’s Ancestors

Why Queen Victoria Wasn’t Illegitimate

This is the first in a series of posts backtracking on some conspiracy theories I've previously promoted on this blog about the royals, which several people believe. Alongside King Edward IV of England, whose alleged illegitimacy I recently refuted, Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom and the British Empire, Empress of India (1819-1901, reigned 1837-1901) … Continue reading Why Queen Victoria Wasn’t Illegitimate

Was Edward IV Illegitimate? (And Why It Doesn’t Matter)

King Edward IV, whom Tony Robinson believes was illegitimate You may or may not have seen Tony Robinson's 2004 documentary Britain's Real Monarch, in which he proposes that King Edward IV of England (1442-1483), who reigned from 1461 until 1470, and again from 1471 until his death, was illegitimate, therefore had no claim to the … Continue reading Was Edward IV Illegitimate? (And Why It Doesn’t Matter)

History’s Longest-Reigning Monarchs

Earlier this year, Queen Elizabeth II of Australia and the other 15 Commonwealth realms reached 68 years on the throne, making her the longest-reigning and longest-lived monarch in our (and the other Commonwealth realms') history, as well as the oldest living current or former monarch, oldest current world leader, and longest-serving current leader. [Most recent … Continue reading History’s Longest-Reigning Monarchs