History’s Longest-Reigning Monarchs

Earlier this year, Queen Elizabeth II of Australia and the other 15 Commonwealth realms reached 68 years on the throne, making her the longest-reigning and longest-lived monarch in our (and the other Commonwealth realms') history, as well as the oldest living current or former monarch, oldest current world leader, and longest-serving current leader. So, now's … Continue reading History’s Longest-Reigning Monarchs

History’s Forgotten Monarchs

There have been several monarchs throughout history who, although they actually ascended the throne and were the monarch, had their reigns cut short.  Some extremely short.  Some died, some abdicated, some were deposed.  But, for however short a period, they reigned. Our modern "enlightened" historians, however, have decided to take it upon themselves to take … Continue reading History’s Forgotten Monarchs