The World’s Leaders: A List – F

Previous parts: A, B, C, D and E. FIJI The Republic of Fiji's current state leaders are President Wiliame Katonivere (born 1964), who assumed office on 12 November 2021; and Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama (born 1954), who assumed office on 5 January 2007. Wiliame Katonivere Frank Bainimarama Living is former Queen Elizabeth II (born 1926), … Continue reading The World’s Leaders: A List – F

The Most (And Least) Free and Democratic Countries

According to the Human Freedom Index, when the list was last updated in 2020, the 10 freest countries in the world are: New ZealandSwitzerland Hong Kong Denmark Australia Canada Ireland Estonia Germany Sweden The 10 least free, on the other hand: SyriaSudanVenezuelaYemenIranEgyptLibyaIraqAlgeriaCentral African Republic Source: According to the Democracy Index 2021, the 10 most … Continue reading The Most (And Least) Free and Democratic Countries

Racism & Patriarchy: Two Strands of the Same Authoritarian Theology

Faith, Philosophy and Politics

There’s a lot of overlap among evangelicals who dismiss social justice (or “wokeness”) as Marxist, those who embrace patriarchy, and those whose theology borrows heavily from the thinking of men who claim biblical support for chattel slavery and segregation.

The overlap isn’t coincidental: all of these commitments flow from an authoritarian outlook that organizes people into a divinely ordained hierarchy, based largely on innate physical characteristics, and conceives of morality as a matter of obedience to one’s natural superiors. They all hold that God has designed some people to exercise authority, and God has designed others to practice submission to authority. Moral order is achieved when we inhabit our God-ordained place in the hierarchy; and apart from that hierarchy, there is no morality.

According to this paradigm, there’s no inconsistency in holding a church gathering that violates public health mandates, and then invoking Romans 13 to admonish those who protest…

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(I no longer believe in young earth creationism, but if you want to read some of their arguments…)

J-M's History Corner

When I reblogged Leave Me A Link and I’ll Share Your Page!!, I promised that I would share any links I was given.  Sure enough, two people linked their sites: rue202 from and and Laleh Chini from  Both run excellent blogs.  I will link one post from each blog.

The above is the first chapter of an excellent science fiction action-adventure trilogy set in a dystopian future.

The above is the first part of an excellent (in-progress) series on the Evolution-Creation debate, examining the human body (in particular, the eye), and looks for evidence for either theory.

The above is a funny short story with a good moral.

I highly recommend each of these blogs – well worth the read!

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