The Empty Tomb (and Other Evidence for Jesus’ Death & Resurrection)

We're all at least partly familiar with the story of the death and resurrection of Yehoshua ha'Mashiach (Jesus the Christ).  It occurred around 30 AD (give or take a few years; I used to believe it was 28 AD, but after the discovery of 29AD coins imprinted in the image on the Turin Shroud, I … Continue reading The Empty Tomb (and Other Evidence for Jesus’ Death & Resurrection)

Pesach – The Feast of Passover

Today is (in Australia) the first day of the Feast of Pesach, known in English as Passover.  I explain my calendar here: Yom Teruah - The Feast of Trumpets.  You can view my feast calendar here: Feast Calendar. Many think Passover and other Biblical feasts don't apply because "Jesus did away with all that".  That … Continue reading Pesach – The Feast of Passover

Has Jesus’ Burial Shroud Been Found?

Yep, I'm referring to the Shroud of Turin and the Sudarium of Oviedo.  You've probably heard of the former, but not necessarily the latter.  Both are claimed to be Yeshua ha'Mashiach's (Jesus the Christ's) burial shrouds.  Well, more specifically, the Turin Shroud is claimed to have been the cloth that wrapped Yeshua's body, while the … Continue reading Has Jesus’ Burial Shroud Been Found?