Reader Request Friday 31 January

Well, here is the Reader Request I promised on Sunday.  You’ve asked the questions.  Now I’ll provide the answers.


Have you heard of Eckhart Tolle and are his teachings compatible with Christianity?

I hadn’t heard of him before you asked.  He’s an interesting bloke with some interesting points, some of which are compatible with Biblical Christianity – particularly if you weave God into it.

Image result for eckhart tolle

Otherwise, to me, he’s just another spiritual teacher.


If you were offered a free return flight for two plus 7 nights accommodation anywhere in the world where would you choose and why ? 

Hmm…  I would like to visit New Zealand.  My father, paternal grandparents, and many of my relatives on that side are from the country, and I’ve heard it has beautiful scenery.

Image result for new zealand

However, I would also like to visit Israel – the Holy Land – mainly for religious reasons.

Image result for israel


What do you think of my blogs?

Although I don’t read as many of your posts as I would like (I REALLY need to catch up on your stories!), I do enjoy your blogs.

Now that you’ve seen Avengers: Endgame, who is your all-time favourite MCU character – hero/heroine and villain?

THAT’s a hard question!  In the end, I’ll defer to Tony Stark/Iron Man (and possibly Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch) for favourite hero – and either Hela, Loki or Thanos for favourite villain – although it’s a tough choice.

Image result for tony stark 2008

Related image

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Image result for wanda maximoff gif

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Related image

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Related image

Related image

Related image


Are you and family ok? (The context being the recent Australian bushfires.)

Yes, thankfully the only fires close to us were well-contained; the worst we got was light smoke.


Why don’t you post a picture of yourself on your profile? I would like to see some pictures of you.

Mainly for my privacy & keeping my identity secret – especially given the nature of some of my previous posts.

(Of course, given that I gave links to my site on public profiles that contained my real photo & name – and that my father gives an actual photo of himself on his website – I have pondered posting a photo of myself.  However, if I do, it won’t be for several days at least – I’m experiencing problems with my laptop, and am writing this post from the library.)

Are you currently attending college or university? If yes what are you studying? If no, when do you plan to begin?

I’m currently attending University.  I’m studying the Foundation Studies program, which includes mathematics & several other subjects.

Have you ever thought about writing a book? If yes, what type of book?

Yep.  Lots of times.  I’m currently editing my Restored English Translation (RET) of Genesis for publication (although I’ve gotten somewhat slack on that recently).


I watched a show recently that showed motorcycle gangs in Sydney. I think they called them “bikies.” Have you ever seen them and is that as big a problem as they said in the show?

I’ve never personally seen bikies – although my Dad has had encounters with them, notably threatening a Hell’s Angels gang with a smashed glass bottle.  They’re never really prominent in the news, but that might be because I’m not near any bikie hot spots.  I’m really not sure how big a problem they are.

(P.S. I was rather amused to realise – reading your statement “I think they called them ‘bikies'” – that “bikie” is an Aussie term.  It’s the norm here.)

My wife has a question. She recently saw a news report in Australia that was warning people about Funnel Web spiders. They are coming into people’s homes because of the fires. Do you have those in your area?

I heard that; thankfully that’s not here, although there are some funnel webs here.  One crawled up one of my brothers’ shirt several years ago!

Image result for funnel web

24 thoughts on “Reader Request Friday 31 January

  1. Thank you for answering my question. I do hope you get to visit New Zealand and the Holy Land. Myself and parents were born in New Zealand. My parental grandfather was from Ireland and my maternal grandfather from Scotland. I have been fortunate enough to visit Ireland, I would like to visit Scotland and England to explore the home land of my ancestors.

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