Reader Request Friday 31 January AND HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY!

First off, to all my fellow Aussies: HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY!  Today marks the 232nd anniversary of when the First Fleet established the Colony of New South Wales in what is now Sydney (if I’m not mistaken), marking the beginning of what would become modern Australia.

It’s a day to reflect on our history – both the good and the bad – and how far we’ve come as a nation, and celebrate our nation, and the great democracy we’ve become (democratically speaking, greater than the vast majority of nations on earth – including the USA; and that’s not a biased statement).

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(And yes, despite the clamourings of a small minority who – according to recent polls – only represent about 11% of the population, Australia Day is here to stay on January 26; the 71-75% support for the present date of the holiday found by recent opinion polls will certainly help ensure that.)

AND today I am announcing a Reader Request for this Friday, the 31st of January; ask me any questions you like before then, and I’ll try to answer them on that day (or possibly Saturday).


A woman in a firefighting uniform leans out the window of  a fire truck waving a flag during a parade.

A crowd of people waving small Australian flags line the stret in front of Flinders St Station.

A group of people who have just attended their citizenship ceremony stand with Prime Minister Scott Morrison next to a lake

Australia Day celebrations usually spill out into public spaces and are crammed with people keen to celebrate their country – not divide it. Picture: Supplied.

Corrina Aitken paints a butterfly on the face of four-year-old Lacey Whalan from Lapstone.

Australia Day celebrations | PHOTOS

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53 thoughts on “Reader Request Friday 31 January AND HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY!

                    1. Sure I have a question hopefully you can assist😊
                      Have you heard of Eckhart Tolle and are his teachings compatible with Christianity ?
                      Sounds like two questions but is really only one 😀

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  1. Happy national duck-billed platypus day to you!
    What do you think of my blogs? (Okay, that was more tongue-in-cheek, and not a serious question, so you don’t HAVE to answer it)
    Serious question: Now that you’ve seen Avengers: Endgame, who is your all-time favourite MCU character – hero/heroine and villain?

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  2. Happy Australia day to you. The pictures are beautiful. I have some questions for you, but I am not sure if you had answered them already.
    1. Why don’t you post a picture of yourself on your profile? I would like to see some pictures of you.
    2. Are you currently attending college or university? If yes what are you studying? If no, when do you plan to begin?
    3. Have you ever thought about writing a book? If yes, what type of book?
    Please leave me a link to your answers. Thank you.

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      1. I watched a show recently that showed motorcycle gangs in Sydney. I think they called them “bikies.” Have you ever seen them and is that as big a problem as they said in the show? They sell meth and they fight with the Chinese Triad gang. It was very interesting to watch and I prayed for them all.

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      2. P.S. My wife has a question. She recently saw a news report in Australia that was warning people about Funnel Web spiders. They are coming into people’s homes because of the fires. Do you have those in your area? They said the government is asking people to capture them, so they can milk their venom. Creepy. My son’s favorite author is Justin D’Athe. He is an Australian author who writes adventure stories. Our son recently read one of his stories about a funnel web spider.

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