My Second Blogiversary!

Today marks TWO WHOLE YEARS since I started J-M’s History Corner.  TWO YEARS!!  Time sure does fly; it still feels like yesterday that I pressed the button to create my site.  I want to give a heartfelt THANK YOU!!! to each and every follower and reader who has given this site a visit in this past two years, and especially to the great friends I’ve made along the way – including BottomlessCoffee007, Ryan Callahan, Lydia Potter, Eshal, Dee, Crissy, Pure Glory, Slim Jim, and many more who number too many to name!  My life just wouldn’t be the same without ALL of you, whether or not you’re mentioned by name!

My most-viewed post published this year is Showing My Face, while the overall most-viewed post this year is The Mystery of Hy-Brasil – The Disappearing Island.  My all-time most-viewed post is Longevity Stories.  Tracking down my least-viewed post is much harder.

My very first post was technically The Journey Begins, but that doesn’t really count.  My real first post is The Forgotten Jews.  My most recent post was Restored English Translation of Genesis: Chapter 7, which is a reblog of an older post.  My most recent non-reblog post is Let It Go!.

The posts I’m most proud of include The Forgotten Jews, The Ashkenazis: Jews or Khazars?, Was Jesus Married?, Dinosaurs: Extinct or Not?, Bring On Women Pastors!, Does the Torah Still Apply?, A History of Marriage – Part 3 and The Canon of Scripture, Part 1: The Apocrypha.

I hope we have another great year together, and many more to come!


(That photo was taken just now.)

You can read last year’s Blogiversary post here.

80 thoughts on “My Second Blogiversary!

      1. I’ve been blogging since 2018 august with this same name, but 6 months ago I lost that blog of mine due to technical glitch, eventually I lost all of my followers too lol
        So, now it’s all brand new of 6 months old blog :’)

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  1. Congratulations brother! Time goes fast! Thanks for the mention! It’s an honor to be called your friend and I always enjoy our conversations! Looking forward to many more, God bless!


  2. Congratulations JM on an amazing job over the last two years. It’s An honour for me to have found your blog. I hope that you will have many more years of brilliant success.
    Btw Nice Vulcan salute 😀

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