Biblical Genders

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This is not about the modern cultural war between the Biblical and Scientific fact that gender is binary and genetic and cannot change (no matter how much you mutilate your body), and the pseudoscientific left-wing lunacy that gender is fluid and can be changed.  It is instead the controversial subject of Adam’s gender at creation – and a couple of other related subjects.

You might be thinking, “Well, Adam was created a male, wasn’t he?  Problem solved.”  Not quite.  As we shall see from the Hebrew grammar, while Adam was not created female, he was not created male, either.  Dr A Nyland, a language scholar, explains in an endnote of her book Complete Books of Enoch: 1 Enoch (First Book of Enoch, 2 Enoch (Secrets of Enoch), 3 Enoch (Hebrew Book of Enoch):

Adam, the first human.  Adam is a word which simply means “human.”  The above statement demonstrates…

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28 thoughts on “Biblical Genders

  1. You know, I used to say all the time that my mate (God please send him soon) and I were one before we came here in separated and placed into different wombs. I was not far off.
    This is revolutionary. I will never read scripture the same. Thank you for sharing. Wow

    In this vein, what do you think homosexuality really is?

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            1. Well, for one, it’s not actually necessary. It’s never required in Scripture. There’s a verse in Hebrews often quoted as a proof text of church attendance (it says about not forsaking gathering together), but that refers to the 1st century practice of meeting & fellowshipping in each others’ homes (although that requires someone to fellowship with – not exactly my situation). In addition, we are commanded to keep Sabbath on Saturday, while Sunday is given no special significance in Scripture. (I did a post on why the Sabbath and other commandments still apply
              Plus, finding a church truly preaching truth is kinda difficult.


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