Quick responses to Bible verses used to support homophobia and transphobia

Well worth a read.

Yet Another Christian Universalist

[Last updated: 22 September 2022]

I have not felt any need to do a lengthy breakdown of conservative interpretations of Scripture passages about sexuality and gender, because The Reformation Project’s articles The Biblical Case for LGBTQ Inclusion and The Need for Reform are already better than whatever I would have written. This post will be merely very brief responses one could use against those who will not spend the minutes necessary to peruse TRP’s articles.

Preliminary note

Homosexuality as we understand it today (loving, socially-equal relationships between consenting adults) is much different from how it was viewed in the 1st century AD. The expression of homosexuality that most people were acquainted with was the ancient Roman practice of pederasty; meaning men, often while married to a woman, violating younger males: “Homosexual behaviors at Rome were acceptable only within an inherently unequal relationship; male Roman citizens retained their masculinity as long…

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