The Creator’s Name

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There is raging debate today as to what is the true Name of our Creator, whom many simply call “God” or “The Lord”, generic titles that could apply to any deity.  There is also a lesser debate as to the true Name of God’s Son, our Messiah, commonly known by the incorrect Anglicised “Jesus”.  The letter “J” did not exist as a separate sound until the 1500s, before which it was just another way to write “I” or “Y”.

The most popular version of the Creator’s Name is Yahweh, while others say Yahuah, Yahveh, Jehovah or Yehovah.  In each case, His shortened Name is Yah.  The most popular version of the Messiah’s Name is Yeshua, while others say Yahshua, Yahushua, Yahusha, or Yehoshua.  The Name of the Messiah is largely viewed as being dependent on the Name of the Father.  So, what is the truth?  The following video discusses the…

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14 thoughts on “The Creator’s Name

  1. Interesting. Yahweh and Yeshua are the names I understand to be correct. But wouldn’t Yah be considered a nickname? It seems a little inappropriate to shorten His name, especially considering devout Jews use YHWH because they believe the full name ‘Yahweh’ to be too holy to speak. What is the thought behind ‘Yah’?


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